Sunday, March 16, 2014

NECCC Camera Club Spotlight Features Greater Lynn Photographic Association

NECCC Camera Club Spotlight Features Greater Lynn Photographic Association

Club Name: Greater Lynn Photographic Association

Club website:

Club contact (email address, phone number optional): Marilyn and Rick Cloran, If they are interested in membership they can either sign up on the club web site or send a message to

Club Meeting Location: 564 Boston Street, Lynn, MA   Greater Lynn is one of the few clubs in the United States to own its own building.

Club Meeting Times: Mondays beginning the Monday after Labor Day until the second Monday in June (which is generally our year end banquet). The club is open at 7:00 PM. Meetings start with announcements at 7:30 PM. We try (as best we can) to get the actual program or competitions started by 8:00PM at the latest. On a four Monday month the first Monday will be an educational program or showcase, the second Monday is print competition, the third Monday is projected image competition, the last Monday will be a short business meeting and another educational program or showcase. On months with five Mondays, we will have educational programs or showcases on the first two Mondays.

Because we own the building we have activities on a number of off nights as well. These include three monthly special interest groups: Print Group, Nature Group, and Digital Group. We also have several Sunday portrait sessions over the course of a season.
During the season we will hold several “social” nights when members can come to the club for a nice dinner, refreshments and a chance to just chat with fellow members. Many of these are theme nights, such as Halloween (complete with costumes) or Oscar / Movie Night when we may roll out our own red carpet and present an award to the best short show by a member.

The upcoming programs can be found on the club’s website and calendar

Club Mission Statement (if you have one, optional): Not so much a mission statement as who we are - The Greater Lynn Photographic Association is a group of photo-hobbyists dedicated to "teaching the craft of the camera and exploring the art of photography." The membership is a group of serious photographers ranging from young adults to retirees and from total beginners to a Pulitzer Prize winning professional, with most of us somewhere in between.

Number of members: approximately 275

Year your camera club started: 1888 per our records although the club has not been continuously active for that entire time.

What is something about your club we might not know?

Greater Lynn members are actively involved in the community. We currently provide three rotating print displays at the Union Hospital. We also have a yearly exhibit of members work at the Grosvenor Park Nursing Center Gallery. Greater Lynn is also the sponsor of one of the largest single section projected color image international exhibitions in the world. The international is normally judged in February with the accepted images shown in April. After 37 years, we are taking 2014 off, but we will be back again in 2015.

Each fall Greater Lynn holds an annual photo course geared to beginning photographers. Three of our instructors will be teaching the Beginner’s Track segments at the 2014 NECCC Conference at UMass Amherst. In addition, the club will normally hold one or two workshops during the winter months directed at topics the members have identified as being of interest. The 2014 workshop was on basic Lightroom skills.

Three words that best describe your camera club (optional): 
Active, Educational, and Fun
Favorite subject matter of your members (optional): There are a wide variety of interested within the club. The “strongest” group at present are likely the nature photographers.

Favorite field trip (optional): Our Field Trip chair is always trying to come up with a variety of trips to differing locals with a goal of providing a series of differing shooting opportunities in the hope of giving all of our members a chance to shoot something they find interesting with their fellow members at some point during the season.