Thursday, May 22, 2014

Topaz Clean is on Sale

Topaz Clean is on Sale 

Topaz Clean lets you smooth edges and surfaces in your photos. It's great for subjects like cars and portraits, and you can also use it to create some interesting effects as well. Clean has three main controls:

* Smoothness: smoothes the surfaces of your photo. Useful for removing blemishes from skin, removing dust and noise, creating a "flatter" texture, and more.

* Edges: smoothly enhances edges with a unique process that looks "vectorized". This creates smooth and well-defined lines in your photo that work great on image features like hair and eyelashes.

* Texture: recovers and refines original detail in your image to keep it looking natural. For example, re-introduce original skin texture in your portraits to prevent your post-processing from looking too overdone or "plastic".

Topaz Clean is a great value: it's originally $29.99 but we're dropping it to just $14.99 for this promotion.

Topaz Clean, is 50% off until May 31 with coupon code "mayclean"