Wednesday, February 17, 2016



Kiss Video for Photographers Made Easy
Lindsay Adler (NY)
(Sponsored by Canon)

Mark Bowie (MA)
(Sponsored in part by Adirondack Photography Institute)

Studio Pet Photography
Larry Cowles, FPSA, GMPSA/s, EFIAP (CA)

Composition in Photography
David DesRochers (NJ)

Abstracts with Impact
Mollie Isaacs (NC)
(Sponsored in part by Awake the Light)

Fast Glass for Night Photography
Roman Kurywczak, ANEC
(Sponsored by Sigma)

Getting Your Best Footage Ever with GoPro
Mia McCormick (FL)

5 Essential Things You Need to Know for Better Photographs
David Middleton (VT)
(Sponsored by Nikon)

Photography for the Greater Good
David Middleton (VT)

A One Person Show –How to Get One
Ron Rosenstock (MA)
(Sponsored by Strabo Tours)

Creating Visual Narratives through Time/Motion Techniques
Deb Sandidge (FL)
(Sponsored by Nikon)

Shooting Portraits, Sports and More for Impact and Profitability
Robert Vanelli (FL)


The Art of Bird Photography
Peter Christoph (MA)

Make the Most of Your Next Nature Photo Tour/ Workshop
Robert Knight (GA)
(Sponsored by Panasonic)

Strategies for Capturing Decisive Moments in Nature
Joe LeFevre, ANEC (NY)
(Sponsored in part by Adirondack Photography Institute)

Capturing Nocturnal Wildlife and Other Critters with Triggers and Flash
Joe McDonald (PA)

Dynamics of Nature Photography
John Slonina (MA)


Compositing – Expand Your Creative Space!
Jim Christensen (NY)

Social Media for Photographers
Joe Edelman (PA)

IPhone Photography Best Apps
Karen Messick (MD)

Smart Photo Editor
Mike Moats (MI)
(Sponsored by Tamron)

Advanced Luminosity Masking Techniques with Topaz Labs
Joe Reardon (NH)
(Sponsored by Topaz)

The 10 Channel Workflow in Photoshop
Lee Varis (MA)

Adobe Photoshop CC for Photographers
Terry White (GA) (Sponsored by Adobe)


Visual Narratives (Photographic Exploration and Expression)
Wendell Phillips (Canada)
(Sponsored in part by SanDisk)


Secrets to Photographing National Parks
Chris Nicholson (CT)


Mirrorless Portraits with Flash
Bobbi Lane (MA)
(Sponsored by Fuji & ExpoImaging/Rogue)

Portrait Touch Up From Input to Output
Susan Cowles, APSA, EPSA (CA)


The Fine Art Print
John Gregor (MN)


Camera Testing Clinic (Precision Camera)
April Trujillo (CT)

Camera Club Sparkle
Hazel Meredith, APSA, MNEC (CT)
Loretta Paul Goldin MNEC (CT)

See What a D5, D500 or a Keymission 360 Camera Can Do for You (Nikon)
Bob Watts, ANEC (MA)