Wednesday, July 26, 2017

First Time Attendee Experience

First Time Attendee Experience

Are you a first time attendee?
or an attendee who has come many time and would not miss this conference?
Email photographer67 [at] and tell your story, we would love to feature you (and share your images)!
How did you hear about the conference?  What did you like best? What program(s) was/were your favorite? Did you photograph the setups, glassware, insects, animals, models, etc?  What recommendation would you have for other people?

Thanks to the Shutter-Buds, I had the opportunity to attend my first New England Camera Club Council (NECCC) annual meeting held at UMass in Amherst. This year marked the 72nd meeting. I definitely plan to go back. 

What a joy living like a college student again by staying in a dorm and being on the meal plan. Living conditions have improved since I was a student. It's the adult camp for photographers.

The conference was three days of presentations by the best photographers (Bryan Peterson, Jack Reznicki, Roman Kurywczak, Andre Gallant, Bob Krist, Charles Needle & Paula Swift) to name a few. Topics included travel, nature, wildlife, sports, portrait, photographing water, photographing children, photojournalism, and landscape design. Post processing topics included Experiencing all the Colors of Black and White, Lightroom Mobile & Tethering, When, Where & How to Sharpen, Painterly Effects with Textures, and Crafting your Images with Plug-Ins. All the conference notes were available for purchase in one spiral binder.

Hunt’s Photo (a sponsor of Shutter-Buds) was there with vendors from all the big companies (Nikon, Cannon, Tamron, Panasonic, Sigma, Sony, & Lensbaby). Attendees had the opportunity to test a lens on loan. Not only were there discounts on all merchandise, there was the opportunity to speak with the different vendor experts & try out the equipment before purchasing.

There were photo opportunities where attendees could use their personal camera to shoot models, fancy insects, glassware in 3 forms: high color, black light & dark field, & floral techniques. On Sunday morning attendees had the opportunity to shoot 4 different FMX stunt motorcycle jumpers who performed non-shop for an hour.

Cannon provided a free 19x13 inch print to those attendees who brought a flash drive of their favorite file. Precision Camera cleaned cameras of all brands at no charge. There were door prizes, photo competitions, speaker books and video sales, and so much more.

There is so much information at the conference that one cannot do it all. I listed some of the highlights. I strongly urge all Shutter-Buds to consider going to the NECCC's 73rd conference July 13th through 15th, 2018 at UMass in Amherst. The conference inspires attendees to get out and try different techniques.

Carol Griffith

The dates are July 13, 14, 15 2018. Mark your calendar and tell your friends!