Friday, August 25, 2017

Testimonials from pre-conference attendees

Testimonials from pre-conference attendees

I attended the Bryan Peterson pre-conference workshop. He gave a very impressive lecture. There was a good mix of technical and personal growth with photography. The extended length of time allowed him to go into more depth. It didn’t feel that it was rushed.
It was one of the highlights of the conference for me.
Bill Brown

Thanks for soliciting attendee comments which are important in improving the NECCC program generally.

The iPhone session was very good & met my expectations. Tho' I've attended other such sessions elsewhere (e.g., Dan Burkholder at B&H Event Space), the presenter's suggestions & guidance RE capture & enhancement apps were helpful. What might enhance his program is brief discussion of methods to move images out of the iPhone, as well as at least brief discussion of image enhancement on the iPad. He was most receptive to audience questions & input.

Fred Orkin

August 15, 2017

Thanks for your note Lisa & Tom. 

I was fortunate enough to take Roman Kurywczak’s workshop on `Macro with flash and without a tripod'…What a terrific experience! Roman gave us easy to follow directions on how to create macro images in just about any situation with simple use of flash. I probably learned more about effective use of flash in that session than in many years of photography. Roman was great in helping the workshop attendees understand both the principles behind the use of flash in macro and how to put those principles to work  in the `hands on’ part  of the workshop. In fact, I was so impressed with Roman’s knowledge and teaching style that I recently did a morning workshop with him at the NY Botanical Gardens—again a great experience. I’ve attached one of the photos I took during the `hands on’ session of Roman’s NECC seminar. It was my first experience using  flash for macro <and being `liberated’ from the tripod>.

`Looking forward to NECC 2018!
Best wishes,

Norm Solomon
Greater Bridgeport Camera Club

Lisa & Tom,
Very well organized, comprehensive and informative workshop. Mr. Ekin is / was very knowledgeable,  approachable and helpful.  Very good presentation skills. Only drawback was the wait time to print - needed another 1 or 2 printers. Also appreciated the free Red River Photo Paper photo paper sampler pack.
Greg Davis

I liked the pre-conference workshop.  I attended Charles Needle's special workshop and it was really great.  As for the hands on experiences, I thought they were great, but there were so many people that I got shut out of some.  Even though there were people in line and the time was still open, I could not get in.
The whole conference motivated me to continue taking pictures.
Carolyn Astle

I joined the Brattleboro Camera Club in the Fall of 2016 and was encouraged by a member to attend the NECCC conference in July, 2017. So glad I did! It was fabulous and so well run. I had to make a spreadsheet (nerd) to help me decide which intriguing programs to attend.
I started on Friday morning with Tim Grey who shared so many cool techniques in Photoshop. It was a three-hour workshop and the time just flew by. After that the days were jammed full of programs of macro, colored glass, Photoshop textures, plug-ins and techniques, and Camera Club Sparkle, which gave me so many ideas to bring back to my club.
And the photo ops! I had to make time to explore and shoot beautiful bugs and bunnies, models and macro. My favorite was a homemade lighting set-up by Mary Boucher, which backlit glassware with a strobe through gel-covered Plexiglass. That has stimulated my imagination so I am going to try build one myself (with her permission) and see what I can create.
I also spent some quality time with the vendors, asking questions, and checking out their gear.  I borrowed a new 24-70mm Nikon lens and took it for a walk around the beautiful UMass campus. The keynote speaker at the ceremony at the Arts Center on Saturday night was Bryan Peterson. He shared some of his amazing photographs and discussed the “Art of Seeing.”
The perfect weekend ending on Sunday morning was a field full of photographers all shooting FMX motorcycles performing stunts off of tall ramps next to the lake.  One man standing next to me said “I don’t think I have ever seen so many cameras at the same time!” And that pretty much summed up the weekend for me. Although I came from Vermont alone as a first-timer, the best part was being with all of the friendly, smiling photographers!

Lee Lloyd
Brattleboro Camera Club