Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Come join Sigma and Hunt’s Photo and Video for an all-day event celebrating nature!

Come join Sigma and Hunt’s Photo and Video for an all-day event celebrating nature! Sigma Pro, Roman Kurywczak, will take you on a photographic journey celebrating his love of nature both near and far.

Nature Photography Seminar
During his four 1-hour instructional lectures he will cover topics on wildlife (including birds in flight), night, macro and landscape photography. He will share with you his many adventures along with settings, tips and techniques for capturing stunning images of your very own. Questions are encouraged during the presentations so everyone leaves with a better understanding of his techniques. (Lunch included)
Registration: 8-9am     Lecture: 9am-3pm
Night Photography Workshop
Come join Roman from 9:00-11:00pm on Saturday April 13, 2019 for his hands-on night photography workshop photographing the stars. Sigma will have loaner lenses on hand that fit most Canon, Nikon and Sony camera bodies.
Photo Shoot: 9-11pm
Macro Photography Workshop
On Sunday, April 14th from 9:30-11:30am and 12:30-2:30pm he will lead a hands-on macro class. Class size is limited to 25 people.

3 Options for the weekend - low fees, as Sigma has picked up most of the cost.
Sat all day lecture (lunch included) for $49.00
Sat night hands on night sky shoot for $29.00
Sunday morning macro shoot for $29.00

Sigma Photo in conjunction with Hunt’s Photo and  Video will be sponsoring my all day nature photography seminar on April 13th at the North Conway Grand Hotel: 72 Common Court Conway, NH 03860 for that and includes a lunch! The are two hands on workshops as well with the night photography shoot scheduled for the 13th (rain /cloud date of the 14th) and for that you can register here.  Want to make a weekend of learning out of it?  I have a morning hands on macro class (9:30-11-30am) as well as an afternoon (12:30-2:30pm)session.  Space for both is limited.