Friday, May 30, 2014

2014 NECCC camera college and showcase presentations descriptions (Nature)

2014 NECCC camera college and showcase presentations descriptions (Nature)


Andrey Antov (ME)  Macro Photography Made Easy
There are several reasons for doing macro rather than landscape or bird photography – it is less expensive and easier, the objects are readily accessible, and there are better chances of repeating the opportunities. In addition, one can shoot macro with the least sophisticated equipment not only outside, but also indoors. In his program Andrey will convey a few easy tricks to quickly set up a macro studio wherever you are.    (B, I, 60 min)

Gregg Basco (Costa Rica)  Making Your Own Light: Flash and Flashlights for Nature Photography Flash, used responsibly and creatively, can open up a whole new world for the nature photographer. Many nature photographers express an aversion to flash, but done well, it allows one to capture dramatic images not possible with natural light.  Continuous light sources such as garden-variety flashlights are also valuable in providing accent light to shots during the day and at night. In this engaging presentation, Greg Basco explains how he "makes his own light" in a multitude of ways to produce stunning images in the tropical forests of Costa Rica. You'll take home some inspiration and ideas that you can put to use in your own photography.

Arthur Morris (FL)  What Makes a Great Natural History Image
Today’s incredible digital photography gear makes it far easier to create sharp, well exposed, technically perfect image of birds, buildings, bears, boats, and blossoms than it was to do so with film. This slide-illustrated lecture will feature hundred’s of Artie’s spectacular images as he shares his thoughts on the flow of a photograph, negative space, and compositional balance and their effects on image design.  Artie will teach you how to see, understand, and use a variety of lighting conditions to create mood in an image.  You will learn the great importance of choosing your perspective carefully.  You will come to see that using your longest lens with a teleconverter and filling the frame with your subject is a great way to create boring images. You will learn to recognize the great situations that many folks walk right past.  To learn more about Arthur Morris visit  and  (Sponsored by Canon)   (B,I,A  75 min)

Benjamin Grunow (VT) Auroras and the Milky Way  In this Aurora and Milky way program, you will join nature and landscape photographer Benjamin Grunow in a class room setting to learn about the different ways to capture the night sky and Milky way. This class will teach you about beginner to advanced settings on your camera, focusing, light painting your foreground and framing your shot in the dark. You will learn techniques on time-lapse and different ways to capture star trails from beginning to end. The aurora section of the class will be about tracking the sun and moon cycles for capturing the aurora, it is the most important part of knowing when to get out and shoot.       (Sponsored by Panasonic)  (I, 75 min)