Wednesday, November 24, 2010

More Awards for NECCC Photographers

It has taken your editor a while to get around to these because he was in the midst of helping to run a big state-wide competition in Connecticut. Now that it is over, I am catching up on other duties.

The first award went to Michael Di Stefano, MNEC, for three years of service as the Editor of the Nature Division News column in the PSA Journal.

The second award went to Rick Sereque, HonNEC, webmaster of the NECCC website, for winning an HM in the annual PSA Website Competition. The NECCC website was entered in the Large Club/Council/Chapter division.

The third award was an HM won by Ralph Toscano, webmaster for the Greater Bridgeport Camera Club website. Their website was entered in the Small Club/Council/ Chapter division.

Congratulations to all and thank you for helping to promote photography in New England.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Judges and Speakers List on the NECCC Internet Site

One of the services that NECCC makes available to its member clubs is a list of judges and speakers that they can call upon for competitions and programs. The 2010-2011 list compiled by Roy Marshall, MNEC, is now available on the NECCC web site at (eighth item down). The items are listed in various ways to facilitate finding the judge or program you need.

If you judge or have programs to present, but are not listed, fill out the form near the back of the document and send it to Roy so that you are included in future lists. If your listing is not up to date, be sure to contact Roy to update his database so that the 2011-2012 list is correct.

Fall Electronic Interclub Competition Results Posted

The results of the fall competition of the 2010-2011 season of the Electronic Photograph Interclub Competition have been posted on the NECCC web site. The winning clubs in the four competitions are as follows:

  • Pictorial (open) Class A - Charter Oak
  • Pictorial (open) Class B - Tie between Assabet Valley and Quinebaug Valley.
  • Nature Class A - Tie between Gateway and Greater Lynn
  • Nature Class B - Nashua Forum

To view the complete competition reports and galleries of the winning and HM images, go to

Sunday, November 14, 2010

New NECCC Club

NECCC would like to welcome a new camera club as our lastest member. They are the Shooters Gallery Photography Group of Colchester Connecticut. They have 60 members and meet at 199 Old Hartford Rd on the last Thursday of the month. Their NECCC Rep is Robert Fedder, MNEC. They have a web site at

Saturday, November 13, 2010

NECCC Wins 2010 PSA Council Challenge

Each year PSA sponsors a competition between camera club councils with three categories: projected digital images, prints, and slides. Each council may enter 10 images in each category, the entries are judged, and the winner is announced at the annual International Conference of Photography held each fall. There were 13 councils or associations participating this year with 6 competing in all three sections.

This year NECCC again won over-all first place with a total of 295 points. The North Central Camera Club Council was in second place with 288 points and the Wisconsin Area Camera Clubs Organization was in third with 280 points.

NECCC also took first place in the Projected Digital Image category with 108 points. The Wisconsin Area Camera Clubs Organization was second with 105 points and the Northern California Council of Camera Clubs was in third with 102 points.

There were a number of individual awards won by NECCC photographers:

  • Chris Wraight won an HM in digital for Late Throw to Second.
  • Lazlo Gyorsok wan an HM in digital for One Way.
  • Greg Bartosik won first place in prints for Painted Lips.
  • Monica Verma won an HM in slides for Lanqur Family.

Congratulations to all the winners.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

NECCC News is Now Official

The Executive Board of the New England Camera Club Council held a meeting last Sunday, November 7, 2010, and approved NECCC News as the official blog of the Council. This is an exciting milestone for the Council as we more fully embrace the electronic age of communication. We will be sending out information on a periodic basis including:
  • Notification of changes to the NECCC web site at as they occur.
  • Information about the annual Summer Conference highlighting speakers and programs of special interest.
  • Publicity from NECCC members clubs about activities that are directed to the greater New England photographic community.
We would appreciate it if you would publicize the blog to your friends and fellow camera club members who have an interest in the programs of NECCC. We hope every member of he greater NECCC community will subscribe so that we can quickly provide information to you.

Friday, November 5, 2010

New England Photographers Win PSA Awards

At the PSA Convention held in Charleston in October several New England photographers received awards. These awards recognized service to PSA and photography in general or outstanding records as exhibitors.

Dan Charbonnet, FPSA, EPSA, MNEC received two awards: the President's Award 2010 for many years of service to photography and PSA; and the EPSA Distinction for his outstanding record as an exhibitor.

Jacob Mosser, III, FPSA, EPSA, HonNEC, received the Styvesant Peabody Memorial Award which is presented annually to the person "who has contributed the most to pictorial photography in any field of photographic endeavor."

Rick Cloran, FPSA, EPSA, MNEC, received the PSA Appreciation Award which is presented annually to the member who has "contributed the most to the advancement of photography through Teaching."

William Barnett, AFIAP, MNEC, EPSA, received the EPSA Distinction for his outstanding record as an exhibitor.