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Lisa Cuchara teaching a full week Photoshop course at the New England Institute of Photography

Lisa Cuchara is teaching a week-long hands-on Creativity course at the New England Institute of Photography. Photoshop is best learned by IMMERSION. Come to NEIPP and be immersed by taking Lisa's Photoshop class. See the website for information about Lisa's class -- and the other 8 classes.

Mark your calendar! Pay in full or use the EZ Pay payment plan, and before you know it you'll be in a weeklong class with an amazing instructor and networking with other photographers. This group can help you grow your creativity and your business! Check out the link if you have any questions please feel free to ask. If you are a hands-on person and learn best by doing then NEIPP is for you!

New England’s best photographic education for the experienced photographer, as well as the emerging professional.  NEIPP (New England Institute of Photography) is presented once a year for the purpose of improving photography throughout New England and beyond, for both the photographers and the consumers.

You will be inspired to continue to improve your craft, create new products and return to your studio with a fresh approach to your work.

Whether you have photographed hundreds of people, countless weddings, worked in a small studio, with large corporations, OR you recently purchased a professional level camera and want to learn how to turn your passion into a profession – NEIPP is THE place to be!

During 4 ½ days of instruction, you will learn new ways to work with clients, how to market, how to work with studio lighting as well as the existing light in your environment, how to pose for the most flattering images, and many tips, ideas and new friendships that will last your lifetime.

Study the art and science of photography, in a warm, friendly environment – with some of the best in the industry… a retreat for the mind and soul.  Join us and see for yourself.

NEIPP 2018 will take place April 8 through April 12, at the beautiful Resort and Conference Center at Hyannis, 35 Scudder Avenue, Hyannis, MA 02601.!/page/482170/home

NEIPP isn't just about going to class and listening to a famous photographer tell you about how "they did it".  You will spend your days learning how you can do it!  Hands-on in the classroom and on location, intense and elightening instruction and developing a style all your own.  You will be given tools, tips, and ideas to perfect your craft and improve your business.

The social contacts you will make both in the classroom and after hours in the lounge, hospitality room or lobby of the hotel will add value to your experience at NEIPP and beyond.  NEIPP has an atmosphere which promotes making new friends and networking with people who share your passion for photography.

Expect to learn a lot and make new friends.  And look forward to spring in New England at NEIPP for years to come.

* Tuition for four and a half days of instruction in the course of your choice.
* Meals - Breakfast and lunch, two coffee breaks per day are provided. Wednesday dinner and party included.
* A group photograph of your fellow NEIPP students and instructors.
* Two PPA Merits will be awarded to all PPA members for full immersion. You do NOT need to be a PPA member to attend.
* Active membership in the Professional Photographers Association of New England (PPANE).
* Rooms at our host hotel are at discounted rates.  You may choose another location at your discretion. (Sleeping rooms are NOT included in the course fee)
* Making new friends....  well, we can't do that for you - but we will give you lots of opportunities to do so!

Call Fred, Executive Secretary, Fred Stiteler, (603) 868-2970

Photographs of the models at the 2017 conference

Photographs of the models that will be at the 2017 conference have been posted, download here: Photographs of the models 

Saturday, June 24, 2017



  • Email photographer67 [@], with "for the NECCC Blog" in the subject line and we will let the entire New England area know about the photo op or your club's event! Emails without NECCC in the subject line 
There is soooo much going on in the New England region and we want to share it with everyone. Seminars, workshops, camera club programs, outside speakers, Canon Explorers of Light, photo ops, -- and firsthand- information providing updates on seasonal shooting (sunflowers, spring flowers, fall foliage). Let's SHARE!!

In this day of social media "we" (photographers) should be sharing upcoming photography with each other so everyone can know about them and choose to participate. 

To post your news or event:
  • Email me at photographer67 [@], with "for the NECCC Blog" in the subject line and we will let the entire New England area know about the photo op or your club's event!
  • You may attach a couple of small JPG files to the email for publicity. 
  • Please note that the blog can NOT post PDF files or MS Word DOC/DOCX files. If you have a pdf file for your announcement the best bet is to post that pdf on the club's server, or a share it as Google doc and send the link to the file. 
  • Please send an email that is ready to copy and paste (along with a couple of small JPG files). 
  • As the editor I copy and paste your email into a blog post. The blog post remains in reverse chronological order on the blog (a website address). 
  • People who have subscribed to the blog will receive the announcement via email automatically. We do not maintain an email list, subscription to the blog is done by the individual. 
  • The blogpost is also automatically published on Facebook. 
Let's rock the New England region with an abundance of shared information and opportunities!!

The NECCC Blog and Facebook site are wonderful places to share what is going on photographically in the New England Region. Please have your club representative and/or publicity person contacting me with information about your club's events, programs, seminars, etc. you are offering. If you have a first-hand update on a seasonal event we would like that too (how are the Sunflowers at Buttonwood farm, are the daffodils peak, how is the fall foliage, etc.)

The New England Camera Club Council (NECCC) is a non-profit umbrella group for >70 camera clubs (a few of which are meetups, we hope for more meetup groups to join NECCC) in the New England states (Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont).  

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Connecticut Valley Camera Club Exhibit Old Lyme Town Hall May 1st to June 29, 2017

Connecticut Valley Camera Club Exhibit

Old Lyme Town Hall

There will be a photography exhibit by the CT Valley Camera Club from May 1st to June 29, 2017 at the Old Lyme Town Hall, 52 Lyme St., Old Lyme, CT.  A total of 30 photos are on display with an opening reception on Saturday, May 6th from 2-4pm – free and open to the public.

Some examples of the work to be presented are shown below.

The Connecticut Valley Camera Club, founded in 2001, has a prime directive of encouraging, accommodating, and implementing multiple photographic experiences for our members. Photographers of all levels are welcome. With the overall intent of improving our skills, we share information about our techniques and equipment, as well as provide mutual support in evaluation of our images.

The club meets on the first Monday of each month at the Old Lyme Senior Center, 26 Town Woods Road, Old Lyme. Visitors are welcome. You can find out more about our club on our website and Facebook postings. Our Website:  Our Facebook page

​Thank you.
Edward McCaffrey
​Publicity Chairman​

Monday, June 12, 2017

August 21, 2017 “Landscape Fine Art with Ruth Clegg”

August 21, 2017 “Landscape Fine Art with Ruth Clegg”

Get down & dirty tricks to transform your landscapes to fine art!

Use color, design, texture and beautiful countryside to weave into dynamic imagery.

Work with the environment, your creativity and camera to make beautiful images.

Further enhance your work with knowledge of Lightroom, Photoshop and Painter.

Complete the process with a good understanding of presentation, marketing and sales of your fine art.


You do NOT need to be a PPA Member to attend

Sunday, June 11, 2017

“Maine Lighthouse Tour with Jim Walker” September 24, 2017

“Maine Lighthouse Tour with Jim Walker”
September 24, 2017
10 AM till 5 PM

Explore some of Maine's most charming lighthouses!

Join Jim as he begins the tour at Breakwater Lighthouse affectionately known as "Bug Light". Experience this charming Victorian treasure close up to enjoy it's filagree detail and style. Visit the Liberty Ship memorial at the same location memorializing the 274 ships built on the site during World War II.

Casually ramble to your second lighthouse location at Spring Point Ledge; the only caisson style lighthouse accessible by foot in the United States.

Finish off your afternoon in Maine touring the majestic Portland Head Light the most photographed lighthouse in the entire country. In 1776 part of the area surrounding the lighthouse was used as a lookout for Massachusetts militia to warn of approaching British ships.

Construction on the light began in 1787 with a $750 budget to build the light. The original structure was 72' high and required 16 whale oil lamps to light when finally completed in 1791.

register here
You do NOT need to be a PPA member to attend

more info here

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Moving to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom from Nikon’s Capture

Moving to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom from Nikon’s Capture

I get asked this question a LOT. I do not use Capture so I only know what I read and give advice accordingly. But I have read and purchased previous tutorials from Jason, and they were good, so I am passing along his tutorial.

Master Workflow and Image Processing in Lightroom 5

coverI made the switch to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom from Nikon’s Capture NX 2 in 2012 and learned the hard way what and what not to do. Although I am a quick learner, I still made plenty of mistakes that cost me time and effort to correct. Moving to Lightroom is the book I wish I’d had when I changed my workflow environment. You will learn how to import, organize, and process your images in Lightroom, and I walk you through each step of the process. My goal with this book was to not only create a detailed guide to the image management and adjustment tools in Lightroom, but to also provide new users with the steps they’d need to take to prepare their existing images for import. If you’ve been working on your images in other workflow tools, the last thing you want is to lose your keywords, ratings, and image adjustments when you move to another tool. Once you move to Lightroom, I’ll show you how to manage your images and process them using non-destructive editing tools that deliver brilliant results. sample-pageIf you’re new to Lightroom or getting ready to migrate, this book is for you. Check out my Lightroom FAQs video to learn more about the Lightroom workflow paradigm.

Specifically covers Lightroom 5; applicable to Lightroom 4 and CC
How Lightroom differs from a browser-based workflow, and what it can do that regular browsers cannot
Preserve keywords, labels and ratings added by other applications, including Adobe Bridge, Capture NX 2 and Aperture
Import images edited in other raw converters
Add metadata to your photos in the Lightroom catalog
Use metadata filtering to find your images
Step by-step instructions on image processing
Match the look of your manufacturer’s raw software, like Capture NX2
Use the Adjustment Brush to create smart selections
Sharpen your images globally and locally
Edit your images via Plug-ins or Photoshop
When to use XMP sidecar files
Image export & Printing
Complete list of keyboard shortcuts
See a full list of subjects by downloading the Table of Contents below. Moving to Lightroom also includes a set of custom Develop presets and Adjustment Brush presets that you can install to use with your own images. Follow the installation instructions in the guide to use them in your copy of Lightroom.

System Requirements
Mac or PC with Adobe Reader 7.0 or later
Tablet capable of displaying PDF files*
Delivery:  Digital download (ZIP archive) ~22 MB
Adobe PDF format, 8.26 x11″, compatible with US Letter and A4 paper sizes and user-printable.

Download Moving To Lightroom

$24.99 Now only $14.99

Bundle Moving to Lightroom with Photo Mechanic Video Workshop

$49.99 Now only $29.99 Product download includes Moving to Lightroom guide and Photo Mechanic Video

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Registration is LIVE for the 2017 NECCC conference

Please announce this at your clubs, post it on your websites and Facebook pages. 
Pass this on to other photo enthusiasts. Thank you!

Registration is LIVE for the 2017 NECCC conference