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Michael Milicia, Professional Nature Photographer, to speak at CT Valley Camera Club Meeting, January 7, 2019

Michael Milicia, Professional Nature Photographer, to speak at CT Valley Camera Club Meeting, January 7, 2019.

The guest speaker at the Monday, January 7, 2019 meeting of the Connecticut Valley Camera Club (CVCC) will be professional nature photographer Michael Milicia. He will give a presentation titled, “Focus on Sharpness”. The meeting will be held at 7 p.m. at the Lymes’ Senior Center, 26 Town Woods Rd., Old Lyme, Conn. All are welcome. There is no admission charge.

Capturing fine detail is often a critical element of a successful image. This presentation will explore a variety of tools and techniques which help to maximize image sharpness.  We will take an in depth look at the many features and tuning options of today’s autofocus (AF) systems and how to best take advantage of them. Other topics will include live view AF, mirrorless AF, back button focus, tripods and heads, long lens technique, handholding, and microfocus adjustment.

Milicia’s love of the outdoors is rooted in his time growing up in the rolling hills of rural Western Pennsylvania. After earning a Computer Science degree at Carnegie-Mellon University, he embarked on a 27 year career as a Software Engineer which included stints at IBM, Digital Equipment Corporation, and Hewlett-Packard, as well as graduate studies at Syracuse University and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. In 2005, I left the software industry to pursue a second career as a Nature Photographer specializing in birds and wildlife.

I strive to create images that include an artistic element and have an aesthetic appeal that transcends their role as natural history documentation.  I am motivated by a love of nature, a fascination with wildlife, and the never-ending challenge of finding that perfect combination of good light, cooperative subject, attractive setting, and beautiful background that allows me to create an artistically pleasing image.

My passion for photography is rivaled only by my passion for teaching photography. During my years as a Software Engineer, I was continually faced with the need to analyze complex subjects and break them down in a well organized, step by step manner that made them easier to understand and communicate. I find that this approach also works quite well when teaching the technical aspects of photography. I enjoy teaching at all levels, whether it is helping beginners get acquainted with the world of digital photography or helping more experienced photographers take their images to the next level.

About the Connecticut Valley Camera Club (CVCC): The CVCC is dedicated to offering its membership the opportunity to become better photographers. The group offers a variety of presentations and interactive workshops to help members expand their technical and creative skills. Photographers of all levels of experience are welcomed.  The club draws members from up and down the river, from Middletown to Old Saybrook; from East Hampton to Old Lyme; and along the shoreline from Guilford to Mystic. For more information, visit the club’s website at CVCC meeting dates, speakers/topics, and other notices are also published on the club’s Facebook page at

Contact: Mary Fiorelli,

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New Hampshire PSA Membership News

Membership Director:
Arabella Dane,
Assistant Directors:

Here is the link to our NH newsletter:

The NH Camera Clubs that currently belong to PSA are:
Click here for the link to our NH state membership page on the PSA site and enjoy the PSA members’ galleries. Please consider participating in our members' galleries - telling us about yourself and posting examples of your work. We look forward to knowing more about you and to enjoying your images!
Our NH clubs belong to the NECCC of PSA and participate in the annual series of inter-club electronic and print competitions: pictorial and nature photography in their digital image competitions, and color and black & white images in their print competitions.
Many members of our NH clubs attend the NECCC annual conference in Amherst MA
Every year the NECCC holds a three-day conference at U MA Amherst. Registration is now open. This is the link to the NECCC website and to the conference Registration page. The pre-conference workshops and portfolio reviews fill quickly - so do register soon!
NECCC hosts a terrific Blog, but you need to sign up to get it!

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New England School of Photography (NESOP) has launched its Winter Photographic Workshops schedule and online registration is available!

New England School of Photography (NESOP), located at 274 Moody Street in Waltham, MA has launched its Winter Photographic Workshops schedule and online registration is available!  To view the schedule of winter workshops, click here:

Just click on any course title for detailed class description(s) and to enroll online.  Classes start the week of January 7th. Early tuition discounts are available through January 2nd

NESOP offers a comprehensive range of classes, at all levels, that cover virtually any photographic interest.  Whether you are an amateur just learning to use your camera or a skilled professional seeking to brush up on existing skills or learn new ones, NESOP offers a class for you in a supportive, nurturing community made up of diverse individuals all passionate about the medium.  Workshops and NESOP e-gift certificates make great holiday gifts!

To learn more, visit us at

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“Advanced Camera Techniques & Tips to Win Awards”with Nikon Ambassador Kristi Odom

Preconference #1 “Advanced Camera Techniques & Tips to Win Awards”with Nikon Ambassador Kristi Odom (DC) Sponsored by Nikon to register

Camera technology is moving so fast; unlock the potential of what your camera can do! This seminar is for the photo-grapher who wants to elevate their skill and push their cameras to new levels and win more awards. Kristi will teach shooting techniques like timelapse, focus stacking, advanced composition, day-time long exposures, and in camera multiple exposures to editing technique like editing for eye movement and image stacking techniques that will give you the tools to elevate your work to that impression-able level. Continuously improving your craft is the first step in mastering the art of photography. This class will guide you toward becoming a more confident photographer, storyteller, and artist by helping you to strengthen your own potential. For all skill levels.

Kristi joined Nikon's elite Ambassador program in May of 2018. An internationally acclaimed photographer and sought-after motivational speaker, Kristi travels the world shooting, teaching and sharing her insights. From destination weddings in Thailand to conservation projects in the jungles of Borneo, she's always on the move, always ready to connect with others. She has received a Master's accreditation from WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) and won over 60 international photography awards. Her recent work has been exhibited twice at the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History.  

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Application for Courtesy Enrollment (Updated; Please note January 15, 2019 Deadline!)

Application for Courtesy Enrollment (Updated; Please note January 15, 2019 Deadline!)  Please share with your clubs!

We invite each NECCC member club to select one of their club members to receive a courtesy co-pay registration to the next NECCC conference, held at U-Mass, Amherst, Mass. on July 12-14, 2019. The registration gives the member submitted by your club all the learning experiences, photo opportunities and inspirational programs that go along with the conference. Please note: the enrollment co-pay covers only the registration fee. The recipient will be responsible for their own room & meals.The $40 co-pay may be made by the member club or the enrollment recipient. All co-pay checks should be made out to NECCC and sent to the Director’s postal address listed below, within 10 days of emailing in the candidate's name. Please put the club name on the check. An email will be sent to the club contact listed in the email application acknowledging receipt of the co-pay check.

Application for Courtesy Enrollment (Updated; Please note January 15, 2019 Deadline!) 

PRE-CONFERENCE IMAGE CRITIQUE Friday, July 12 (8:30am – 11:30am)

PRE-CONFERENCE IMAGE CRITIQUE Friday, July 12 (8:30am – 11:30am)

One of the special opportunities available to attendees at the NECCC Summer Conference is a one-on-one evaluation of your photographs by an experienced, accomplished New England photographer. Workshops & Image Critiques will run concurrently, so you cannot attend both.
How do they work? You bring 15 images or perhaps a few more in case time is available. The images may be prints and/or digital. Prints are laid out on a table for review. The reviewer loads digital images from a memory stick into a computer and examines them using a program such as Lightroom. You and the reviewer then carefully examine each image. The reviewer offers suggestions on how you might improve the composition, technical quality or other aspects of each image. She/he will also consider your images as a group. You will also be able to ask questions regarding tools, techniques, selecting images, judging, etc.

Why do I need this? Creative people don’t have absolute standards against which they can measure their work. Much of its value depends on how well it connects with another viewer. When you look at your own images, you remember the special experiences you had when you captured them or how hard you had to work. The person critiquing your images is only looking at the final versions and will probably see them differently than you do. All creative people, not just photographers, have a variety of ways to receive feedback. Writers rely on editors to help them improve while speakers depend on audience reactions. Musicians attend master classes to refine their technique guided by an experienced performer. We all need help from mentors to improve our craft. The critiques at the NECCC Summer Conference provide an opportunity to receive knowledgeable feedback. Why not try it?
This is your opportunity to have up to 15 images (prints and/or digital) reviewed by one of New England’s top photographers/judges. The cost is $42 per ~45-minute session. Participants can discuss their work on an individual basis. If you sign up for this service, a confirmation form will be sent to you by June 21st. You must return the form by June 27th. You will get an via e-mail with your time slot and your reviewer. Please note this activity takes place at the same time as the preconference workshops. If paying by check write a separate check.

Image Critiques by NECCC Affiliated Photographer:
1.      Bill Barnett, APSA, GMPSA, MNEC- Proficient in both Mac or PC, and Photo editing. International Exhibition competitor, print maker. Extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of Photography- Photo Travel, landscapes, informal portraits, street scenes, cityscapes are his main subject matter. Judges throughout New England.
2.      Sarah Musumeci, MNEC - Proficient in both Mac or PC, and Photo editing. Has own Photo Business shooting Bed and Breakfast inns. Photographs still life’s, portraits, scenics, architecture. Teaches and judges throughout New England. Print maker.
3.      Jake Mosser, HonPSA, EPSA, HonNEC- PC user only, International Exhibition Competitor, Print maker, Photographs anything but primarily nature, macro, sports, street photography, landscapes. Teaches Nature photography and Photography basics. Judges throughout New England

From Image Reviewer Sarah Musumeci, MNEC “Being a portfolio reviewer is my favorite activity at the NECCC conference – year after year! Like a child having a great tutor, a good reviewer takes the level of the presented work and drives it up a giant step. The reviewer begins a few weeks before the conference by familiarizing himself/herself with the attendees/subject's personal work. This information has been passed to the reviewer via the conference chair people - well before the actual conference weekend. And then during the session, the reviewer presents to the attendee, thoughtful and organized, step by step, suggestions on how to improve his/her work. Also, there is plenty of time to point out the strengths and talents seen in the attendee's portfolio.  This is an important part of growth - as building blocks and through a simple confidence boost in one's abilities!

One of the reasons that I think the portfolio reviews are beneficial, Is due to the personal nature of the review itself. It would take months and months - if not years - at a camera club to get this kind of personal attention and close-up scrutiny over an image. Judges have a limited time on competition night, often with hundreds of images on which they must focus and comment. And maybe only one or two belong to any one person. During a review at NECCC a reviewer may speak about 20 or 25 personal images- each in detail. Often too, the attendee will begin to see 'negative patterns' that need attention, but may not be seen otherwise unless looked at in groupings. One thing that NECCC attendees may not understand, is that they don't need a "fancy portfolio". Several people who have not had their portfolio's reviewed mentioned to me that they did not do it because they didn't have a 'portfolio'. This review session just involves bringing a series of photographs (print and/or digital) to get feedback on.”

One of the reviewer’s (Jacob Mosser, HonPSA, EPSA, HonNEC) approach to the review is to look at a participants entire submitted work to get a sense of the photographer’s style and interests before rushing in and applying the standard critiques. He lets them explain what they were trying to achieve with each image. Then, where and when appropriate, he offers suggestions to improve their work and their photographic vision, not only with a critique of the work, but also offering tips and how-tos along with where to go for certain photos to improve their photographic experience. This is a great private learning experience personalized to fit your individual needs and questions. We had one attendee who signed up for the reviews three years in a row asking for the same reviewer each time and every year she listened to the comments, asked questions and worked to improve her work. Each year the reviewer saw great improvement in her images, taking her from a Class B competition/photographer to a Class AA.
 “This was the first time I took advantage of the portfolio review.  Bill was extremely helpful.  I learned a great deal, and will happily do the review again.  Worth every penny and then some.  Am in the process of editing the prints I brought in for review in light of Bill's suggestions.  He was right!!!  Each suggestion that I have incorporated has definitely strengthened the image.  Now I just need to remember all that goodness in new photos. ;-) Blessings, Alice “

“My portfolio review was with Sarah Musumeci. I wasn't quite sure what the expectations were prior to the review and spent quite a bit of time deciding whether to go print or digital with my portfolio and what size prints would be appropriate. I decided to bring 16x20-ish mounted prints prepared as I would for a competition to give Sarah an idea of my ability as a printer as well as a photographer. It worked out well for the kind of work I do. Sarah is, of course, a very accomplished and successful professional photographer and seemed to be a good match for me, as she does many kinds of photography, including architectural photography and still life photography, which are my main photographic interests, at least at the moment. Our time together was warm and friendly from the very beginning and the time flew by, so much so that she generously ended up giving me an extra half hour of her time. She affirmed many of the strengths of my work, but also made constructive criticisms, such as keeping things simple and keeping all aspects of a still life in character. She also shared some hidden features she knew about in Photoshop with me and suggested checking out Corel Painter as a software tool. Finally, she suggested checking out tilt and shift lenses and moving up to full frame. I have followed her advice to move up to full frame, but I am still a little intimidated by the cost of Nikon tilt and shift lenses and have not made that move yet. For me, the portfolio review was a great experience and left me feeling validated, with a renewed enthusiasm for making photographs.  Here is a link to the images that were in my portfolio: Charles”

Wednesday, December 12, 2018



Friday, July 12 (8:30–11:30am). Workshops & Image Critiques run concurrently. You can only attend one.
Visit to register.
Workshop participants must be paid conference registrants. Class size is limited, Register early. If paying by check please write separate conference and workshop checks. See Registration Instructions for cancellation policy. The workshop fee is $70 (unless listed below), which includes a 3% UMASS administrative fee. For laptop classes you may choose to share a computer with a friend/spouse or just come & take notes/follow along. Electrical outlets will be provided as necessary. You may rank your top three choices in case one is full.

PRE-CONFERENCE IMAGE CRITIQUE Image Critiques run concurrently with pre-conference workshops, so you cannot attend both.

#1 “Advanced Camera Techniques & Tips to Win Awards” Nikon Ambassador Kristi Odom (DC) Sponsored by Nikon. For all skill levels.

#2 "Finding Your Artistic Voice” Karen Hutton (NV) Sponsored by Fujifilm. For all skill levels.

#3 “A Morning with the Butterflies and Flowers at Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory and Gardens” Anne Belmont (IL) Sponsored by Lensbaby. For all skill levels; you must be able to stand during this 3-hour workshop; transportation required. $98

#4 “Put Them in a Beautiful Light: Portrait Lighting Workshop” Suzette Allen & Jon Yoshinaga (CA) Sponsored by Panasonic/Lumix. For all skill levels, but please note that you must be able to stand during the second portion of this workshop.

#5 “Mastering Luminosity Masks” Sean Bagshaw (OR) **Intermediate-to-Advanced**

#6 “Embracing 'what if' for Creative post-processing” Jamie Konarski Davidson (NC) **Intermediate**

#7 “Maximum Depth of Field– Using Focus Stacking and Bracketing” Peter Baumgarten (Ontario, Canada) Sponsored by Olympus For all skill levels, but you must be able to walk and stand during this workshop.

#8 “Creating Highly Stylized Images in Topaz Studio” Rad Dew (IN) **Intermediate**

#9 "The Hadley Farm: Horses and Barns" Adam Jones (KY) Sponsored by Canon For all skill levels, but you must be able to walk and stand during this three-hour workshop.

#10 ”Floral Photography” Padma Inguva (NJ) For all skill levels, but you must be able to stand during this three-hour workshop.

#11 “Photograph Birds of Prey and Raptors” David Akoubian (GA) Sponsored by Tamron. For all skill levels, but please note that you must be able to walk to and stand during this three-hour workshop. $98

#12 “Character Models” with Marc Farb (NY) Models sponsored by Sigma; Lights sponsored by Westcott. For all skill levels, but you must be able to stand during this three-hour workshop.

#13 “Learn Macro Photography: How to Photograph Insects” with Kathy Macpherson Baca (NY). Insects Sponsored by Sigma. Sigma Macro lenses will be available. For all skill levels, but you must be able to stand during this three-hour workshop.

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Registration for the 74th Annual NECCC Photo Conference July 12-14 2019 is LIVE!!!

Registration for the 74th Annual NECCC Photo Conference July 12-14 2019 is LIVE!!!

Register here

Learn It, Shoot It, Edit It 

at NECCC 2019 (July 12, 13, 14, 2019) 

Register Today!

Over 90 program choices!!! Most by presenters who have never presented at NECCC, plus 13 Pre-Conference Workshops, Image Reviews & Critiques, Photo Walks, and LOTS of hands-on opportunities and photo-ops!

Mark Battista (CT)
        Composition with a Painterly Approach
        How to Create Still Life Images with Impact
Anne Belmont (IL) (Sponsored by Lensbaby)
Creative Flower Photography: Unleashing the Creative Spirit through the Magic of Lensbaby           
Capturing Stunning Images of…Most Beloved Flowers Year-Round
Mark Hilliard (SC)
        Infrared Photography
Padma Inguva (NJ)
        Floral Photography with Passion and "joie de vivre"
Gerri Jones (NY)
        Creating Still Life & Food Photographs with Pizazz  
Jerry and Lori Keefer (PA)
        Light Painting: Angles & Lights & Cars, Oh My!
Lewis Kemper (CA)
        Expanding Your Creativity with Time & Motion
Jamie Konarski Davidson (NC)
Jürgen Lobert (MA) (Sponsored by NESOP)
        Light Painting and Drawing at Night
        Daytime Long Exposure Photography
        Pictures to Paintings (Landscapes)
        You Can Paint! Demo
Frank Smith (PA)
Creative Elements of Architecture: Out with the Rule Book
        Timelapse Imagery

Suzette Allen & Jon Yoshinaga (CA)
        (Sponsored by Panasonic/Lumix)
        Multimedia for Storytelling: Hybrid Imaging Made Easy!
William Barnett APSA, MNEC (CT)
        Selecting & Improving Images for Competition
Katrin Eismann (NY) (Sponsored by Sony)
        Camera to Sharing without a Computer
Mark Hilliard (SC)
        Art of Black/White Digital/Film Photography & Travel
Karen Hutton (NV) (Sponsored by Fujifilm)
Story, Art and the Power of Awe: Creating Signature Images from Truth and Soul
Padma Inguva (NJ)
        Architectural Photography: Panoramas, Vertoramas in HDR
Lori Keefer (PA)
        How to Brand Yourself to Sell Photos & Entice Clients
Michael Koran (MD)
        Exploring Street Photography
Jim Montanus (NY) (Sponsored by Nikon)
The Incredible Life of Legendary Kodak Photographer Neil Montanus
How to Create Stunning Night Photographs 
Jenn Sherry (MA) (Sponsored by Delkin)
Frank Smith (PA)
        Light Perfected (Travel Photography)
David Tobi (ME) (Sponsored by DataColor)
        Color Management for Fine Art Printing
        Video for Photographers and Videographers

David Akoubian (GA) (Sponsored by Tamron)
        Create your own Photography Oasis
        Nature: Capturing the Wild
        Nature: Creating Successful Landscape Images
Peter Baumgarten (Ontario) (Sponsored by Olympus)
        Astrophotography, Photographing the Beauty of the
        Night Sky
        Photographing the Great Outdoors, An Exploration of
        Nature Photography
Kurt Budliger (VT)
    Go with the Flow - Create Dynamic Images of Moving Water
Steve Gettle (MI) (Sponsored by Cognisys)
        A New World Opens - Getting Started in Macro
        Moving in Closer – Advanced Macro Photography
Adam Jones (KY) (Sponsored by Canon)
        Getting the Most out of your Wildlife and Nature Photos
Jürgen Lobert (MA) (Sponsored by NESOP)
        Astro-Landscape Photography
Chris Murray (NY) (Sponsored by ADKPI)
        The Subjective Landscape

Suzette Allen & Jon Yoshinaga (CA)
Sponsored by Panasonic/Lumix)
Make the Magic! Composites with Complexity & Creativity
Sean Bagshaw (OR)
        Developing for Extended Dynamic Range
        Photoshop: Developing for Impact
Rad Drew (IN)
        Creating Painterly & Vintage Images in Topaz Studio
Katrin Eismann (NY) (Sponsored by Sony)
        Partners for Life: Photoshop & Lightroom
        Professional Masking & Compositing
Adam Jones (KY) (Sponsored by Canon)
        Photoshop fun: Workflow & Composites in Photoshop
Gerri Jones (NY)
         Artistry Beyond the Lens
Lewis Kemper (CA)
Into the Eye of the Sun: Creating Natural Looking HDR Images

iPhone/SMARTphone/Mobile phone
Rad Drew (IN)
        Creative Editing on your iPhone
        SnapSeed Tips and Tricks
Michael Koran (MD)
        Fun with Mobile Phone Photography
        Mobile Phone Editing for Creative Expression

Marc Farb ANEC (NY) (Sponsored by Sigma)
        Portraits (Characters)
Jim Montanus (NY) (Sponsored by Nikon)
Ed Pedi (MA)
        Lighting and Posing for Family Portraits

  • All photo enthusiasts are welcome! You do not need to be a member of a Camera Club, PPA group, or Meetup group in order to attend.
  • New this year! We have added many new registration options, including more pre-conference workshops, conference workshops, and photo walks! Click through the tabs above to learn more. 
  • We are offering the same low registration prices for this year's conference - registration prices haven't increased in the past few years! 
  • Registration can be completed by mail, fax or by using the online registration page. 
  • Reminder: if you plan to submit a group registration you do NOT need to wait to sign-up for housing, pre-conference events, conference workshops, or photo walks! Click and "Register Now" to sign-up for lodging, pre-conference or conference events.
    • Simply select "3-Day Group Registration" when prompted for a registration type. You will then be able to register for any of these optional add-ons (note: because space is limited in housing, pre-conference events, and conference workshops/photo walks, you should pay in full for all of these now and then send a separate $184.50 payment with your group packet). You must then arrange with your group to have 20+ paper registration forms with payment mailed to UMass Conference Services by the June 21 deadline.