Friday, December 14, 2018

Application for Courtesy Enrollment (Updated; Please note January 15, 2019 Deadline!)

Application for Courtesy Enrollment (Updated; Please note January 15, 2019 Deadline!)  Please share with your clubs!

We invite each NECCC member club to select one of their club members to receive a courtesy co-pay registration to the next NECCC conference, held at U-Mass, Amherst, Mass. on July 12-14, 2019. The registration gives the member submitted by your club all the learning experiences, photo opportunities and inspirational programs that go along with the conference. Please note: the enrollment co-pay covers only the registration fee. The recipient will be responsible for their own room & meals.The $40 co-pay may be made by the member club or the enrollment recipient. All co-pay checks should be made out to NECCC and sent to the Director’s postal address listed below, within 10 days of emailing in the candidate's name. Please put the club name on the check. An email will be sent to the club contact listed in the email application acknowledging receipt of the co-pay check.

Application for Courtesy Enrollment (Updated; Please note January 15, 2019 Deadline!)