Thursday, March 31, 2022

Photographica is the largest photographic show in New England.

Photographica is the largest photographic show in New England. The Show is organized by Photographic Historical Society of New England (PHSNE), 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization.

It will take place on Saturday April 23, 2022, at Newton North High School, 457 Walnut St., Newtonville, MA. Regular Show Hours are 9 AM to 4 PM. PHSNE Auction starts at 4:30 PM.

The net proceeds from Photographica are used to benefit the photographic education in the schools and to help preserve our photographic heritage.
Information about PHSNE can be found on our website,
I am including our advertising flyer for Photographica.

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Sid Chatterjee
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Friday, March 25, 2022

Enjoy this great article about the 75th NECCC photo conference by the very creative Dennis Thorton

 Enjoy this great article about the 75th NECCC photo conference by the very creative Dennis Thorton

Get Back, Get Back

Get Back To Where You Once Belonged

Get Back To NECCC In 2022

Dennis Thornton

I know that Everybody had a hard year weathering through the pandemic.

And, Everybody had a wet dream hoping for a return to normality. 

Little darling, it’s bee a long cold lonely winter but Here Comes the Sun. I’m announcing an event that will be like memorable music to your ears and get you to pull your socks up and put your foot down. Oh yeah.

After, a COVID imposed hiatus, The New England Camera Club Counsel (NECCC) is set to host the 75th annual photography conference, live, on the campus of UMass, Amherst, MA on the weekend of July 15-17, 2022.  And I say it’s all right.

If you have not attended one of the previous live conferences you just don’t know how fantastic they are.  Once, there was a way to get back homeward and the NECCC weekend is like a homecoming.  Like A Taste of Honey, it’s two plus days brimming with hands-on instruction, photo opportunities, competitions, and a host of top tier presenters.  The conference co-chairs Lisa & Tom Cuchara have packed the weekend.  They describe it as “an amazing immersion of photography”.   Nothing’s gonna change my world, but you and I will have an array of things to do from 7am until 11pm.   The organizers sing out that there will so many things to do, from morning till the end of the day, that you will have to rest, at night, to get the kinks out of your feet and have Golden slumbers fill your eyes.

I’ve got a feeling, a feeling I can’t hide.  The Bard told us that the times they are a-changin’ and sadly 2022 is being presented as the last in-person conference. Come gather ‘round people, so I can tell you more about NECCC.  Previous conferences have drawn over a thousand attendees who became like an extended family, sharing their enthusiasm for photography.  I’ve got a feeling; I think that everybody knows, that the tireless efforts of Susan Mosser, the other NECCC organizers and a small army of dedicated volunteers accomplished a stellar run of 75 years. While too numerous to name, they ALL deserve praise and thanks for their yeomen service.

While it’s sad that All Things Must Pass, we shouldn’t dwell on the thought of Maxwell’s Silver Hammer coming down on our heads but embrace the opportunity of having a great time at the 75th “extravaganza”. While you can visit the NECCC website ( for full details, I will give you a synopsis of the “over 200 things to do.  Well, you can celebrate anything you want, but nothing beats the scope and breadth of a NECCC weekend.  Although everyone may not travel from Across The Universe, attendees do come from far and wide.

Jo Jo was a man, Who thought he was a loner. But he knew it couldn’t last.  Jo Jo left his home in Tucson, Arizona, For some NECCC class.   

Get back, Get back.  Get back to where you once belonged.

The conference proper commences Friday afternoon and goes full tilt until Sunday afternoon.  But, there are pre-conference activities, on Friday morning, well worth your attention and attendance.  Those who have previously attended know that NECCC is one of the best photographic experiences available.  There is something for everyone.  NECCC offers lectures, instructional presentations for all skill levels, along with showcase presentations that will inspire you to take your own stunning images.  I only send you my invitations, to bring your camera to take advantage of these events. Opportunities to try out camera equipment see new products and buy whatever your heart desires. So plan to join us and Come together and enjoy the festivities.

The general registration fee for 2022, for all 3 days is $205, if paid by June 26.  The fee increases to $245 after June 26, per individual.  There is no group discount this time. Boy, you gonna carry that weight. Your individual registration covers all of the regular presentations and miscellaneous activities for the weekend. You don’t have to Dig a Pony to get hooked on the prospect of attending. There will be additional charges associated with the pre-conference workshop.  Check website for specifics.  On the NECCC website you will also find information on the various programs, activities, bios for the speakers, housing options, meal plans, cancellation policy and instructions for parking in the Campus Center Garage, COVID policy and much more.

Starting on Friday morning (8:30 – 11am) there will be 12- Pre-Conference Workshops & Image Critiques.  Each of the THREE “Featured Speakers” Scott Kelby, Frans Lanting and Billie Weiss will be among those who will give an in depth presentation on their area of expertise.  There will be talks on Photoshop, Focus Stacking, Luminosity masks, NikDxo Software along with hands on instruction and photo opportunities to shoot butterflies, raptors and macro subject matters.  There are also individual photo critiquing sessions. Well, you can imitate everyone you know but it’s an invaluable experience to receive an in-person critique of your work.  In a 45 min. session you can have 15 of your images assessed, one-on-one by one of the conference presenters.   Oh darling, please believe me, I’ll never do you no harm when I encourage you to sign up for one of these special learning opportunities.  There is a variable charge for these activities so check the website for specifics.  There is a reduced fee for all sessions if you signup before June 26.

I said move over once, move over twice to catch the one after 909 and to arise early Saturday morning too.  A total of 18 Photo Walks are scheduled.  Small groups will accompany individual conference presenters around the campus.  Each instructor will provide expert advice on some aspect of photography.  Didn’t anybody tell her that while included, with your paid registration, these activities are very popular so sign up early to reserve you most desired selection.

We would be so happy you and me, knowing that there are another 17 conference workshops that will be held at various times over the weekend.  Oh what a joy for every girl and boy, as there will be model shoots, an architectural photo walkabout, a macro session, floral post-processing techniques, sessions on learning to critique your own work, understanding the building blocks of visual design and several opportunities to have hands-on instruction. Rolling along, on Saturday evening when there will be several night photography workshops.  And now, your host for this evening will provide a beggars banquet of photographic opportunities, including knowing the proper camera setting for shooting at night, working with models and learning how to light paint.  Joan was quizzical trying to choose which sessions to attend.

Oh darling, in addition to presentations, there are photographic opportunities. “Photo Ops” provides you with expertly orchestrated opportunities to capture abstract and other non-flower macro subjects, a flat lay photo ops, therapy dogs and flower set-ups. Because these setups are wholly prearranged, they are not allowed in WPS competitions. But it is a fun experience and a great way to learn how to construct your own setups at home.   Because the sky is blue, there are outside models along with an array of bedecked character models to photograph, over the weekend…aaaaaaahhh.  Model images are acceptable in WPS competitions. 

Sweet Loretta Modern thought she was a women, who already had all the great shots.  All the girls around her said she’s got it comin’ when the groovy set-ups in Photo-Ops awed her.   Get back babe whoo, get back.  Get back to where you once belonged.

There is an impressive vendors section where brand name manufactures show and sell their wares.  Gary from Hunt’s always makes great deals available.  Trade in old equipment and buy new stuff. You never give me your money; You only give your funny paper. But, it’s time You break down and treat yourself. 

Just Gimme Some Truth about the several well-known camera and lens manufacturers scheduled to be there. Some will have a weekend loaner program where you can take out their equipment for a test drive. Representatives from software producers, photo tour groups and other must-have equipment makers are scheduled to be there.  We will have to await updates on how the vendor section of the conference will fill out.  For newcomers, who came in through the bathroom window, there is a special welcoming program for first time attendees. 

Extra! Extra! Read all about it, Extra!  Who would have known that in addition to all the great stuff mentioned there would be more.  It will be like a miracle cure for even the deaf and blind.  Hear Me Lord; there will be a special Showcase of images by NECCC photographers. Each registered attendee will receive a free 75th anniversary gift.  On Saturday night there will be an honors presentation program, along with special door prizes (you have to be present to win). The Two Of Us can listen to the evening’s featured speaker, Billie Weiss, sponsored by Nikon.  The title of is talk is: Stories Behind the Images: Lessons from a Life in Adventure Photography.

Dig It, the early Sunday morning solitude will be broken by the clanging of steel upon steel as the Hunt’s sponsored Knights of Gore will present themselves in authentic medieval armor. Members of this sports club will first engage in forceful individual combat bouts followed by a full on mêlée’.  Survivors will hang around for portrait opportunities.  So, Heavy, heavy, heavy.

Another must-do activity is the NECCC Print and Digital competition program.  Images submitted by attendees are always impressive in quality.  The Print competition is much more than You and me chasing paper. The submitted images are worth the time to view and to appreciate the power of the printed image.   The memories from past print competitions are Longer than the road that stretches out ahead. The Digital competition has two categories: Open and Nature. Remember, you have to be in it to win it. This is a great opportunity to expand your competition sphere. Submit your images in all four categories: Digital: Open & Nature; Print: B&W & Color.  Be sure to check the rules on the NECCC website.

It’s driving me mad.  July can’t get here soon enough.  Go to the NECCC website ( and complete your registration form.  Please be informed, this is a popular event and motels in the area fill up quickly. She’s so Heavy, Deborah Cohen has information about special motel rates.  But, the number of rooms is limited so don’t delay. There is also lodging accommodations through UMass conference services.  Air-conditioned rooms and food programs are available.  Check the website for specifics.  You know I believe and how, this weekend is so much fun, it will keep you in the pink and you will be singing out to all your friends, I wish you were here.

I Told You Before, that despite the sad prospect of NECCC, as we have known it, will come to an end, I’m sure that the 75th anniversary conference will be spectacular.

Please believe me, NECCC is an event not to be missed.  All of your friends and important people will be there, the Sun King, Maggie Mae, Polythene Pam, Mean Mr. Mustard, Maxwell, Her Majesty who’s a pretty nice girl, and many of the rock stars from across the photography universe.  Heat up and can your plans of going up the country.  Let it Be, put on your blue suede shoes and make the journey. No matter if you have to travel Across The Universe, take The Long And Winding Road, or walk barefoot across Abbey Road, just be sure to join I Me Mine to Come Together to Dig It and celebrate The End of an era.

Don’t let me down and quit the band before the last performance. All I want is you, to register and attend.  Come Together with your friends and fellow photographers to celebrate this final in-person conference.

Go up to the rooftop and sing out, Get Back yeah whoo, get back; Get back to where you once belonged.  Whooo, Get back Loretta, Your mummy’s waiting for you with your registration in hand. Get back yeah, get it all back. Get back to where you once belonged.

Get back to NECCC in 2022!

Epilogue: Don’t Freakout and believe the rumor that NECCC is dead.  Isn’t It A Pity that All Things Must Pass and that this will be the last in-person performance.  But, Life Goes On and we can only hope that the NECCC Steering Committed will consider and pursue alternatives for the future.

Important Note:  NECCC activates will be held on the campus of UMass, Amherst. At the time of this publication, the conference will be required to follow UMass, Massachusetts State and CDC guidelines policies.  Currently, attendees will be required to submit proof of vaccination at the time or registration.  I encourage you to check the NECCC website for the latest updates on this issue.  Additional information about speakers and vendors is likely to be made available as the conference dates draw nearer.

Additional Note:  Captions in italic reflect dialogue, song titles and/or lyrics from songs appearing on The Beatles three-part documentary “Get Back”. 

Fun Note:  An additional to the “Fab Four” there are five era groups plus one alluded to.  Can you identify them?