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The Housatonic Camera Club Presents Joe Meehan

The Housatonic Camera Club Presents Joe Meehan
Thinking Beyond the Obvious 
Adding Dimensionality to Your Photographs

The program will take place May 20th at 7:00 at Noble Horizons, 17 Cobble Rd., Salisbury, CT. It is free and open to the public.
For more information visit:

Taking a photograph usually begins with the desire to record a specific person, place, object or event. Today’s cameras are very good at recording such subjects with excellent color/tonality and sharpness. But, the photographs that most often stand out are those that capture something beyond the obvious. That something is usually a dimensional quality that goes beyond what is obvious as the photographer offers his or hers interpretation of the subject.

In his presentation at the next Housatonic Camera Club meeting on May 20th, professional photographer Joseph Meehan will illustrate this quality of dimensionality with examples selected from his experiences as a judge in national and international photography competitions as well as past Editor of the Photography Yearbook.

The program will take place May 20th at 7:00 at Noble Horizons, 17 Cobble Rd., Salisbury, CT. It is free and open to the public.

For more information visit:


Barbara Ellison      Alternative Printing
Creating your image is just the beginning. Printing is the completion. Barbara will discuss substrate choices – from the traditional inkjet papers to the alternatives including wood, metal and silk. She will discuss the options for showing your work, from small art books to mixed media pieces. Making the right choice in printing can set your work apart from other artists and complete your vision. (B, I, A 90 min)

Michael Sheras     Canon Basic Speedlite Course
This one-hour course will start with the basics of why you want to use flash and how flash can improve your photographs.  We will explain how the speedlite works, covering the manual, basic E and advanced ETTL flash modes. We will also explore how to set your Canon speedlite in single flash and wireless multi-flash modes.  Finally, we will talk about and demonstrate both the traditional Canon infrared wireless system and the new Canon radio transmit system featuring the new Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT.  (B, I, A 90 min)

Bob Watts   What's New in Nikon.

Nikon Teaching Presentation:
Title to be announced

Tamron Teaching Program
Rob Moody (NY)

Camera Club Sparkle with Antoinette Gombeda, APSA, HonNEC (CT)

“Meet-up" with us for our Camera Club Sparkle discussion on the ever growing list of Meet-Up groups. We will discuss their impact on camera clubs,  as a camera club, form of attracting new members, springboard for field trips and meeting other photography enthusiasts.

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Iceland in Spring: Land of the Midnight Sun

Iceland in Spring: Land of the Midnight Sun – June 2-7
Come photograph Iceland in early June when the weather is mild, the land is lush and the sun never sets (almost). On this six-day adventure we will explore parts of southern and western Iceland, photographing spectacular waterfalls, glaciers, icebergs, dramatic coastlines, geysers,  mountains, wild horses and more. The workshop includes hotels, meals, entrance fees, bus and air travel (except international air) and instruction with John Tunney and Tim Vollmer. Offered through the Photography Center of Cape Cod. 

Please visit for more information

John Tunney

Branding and Expanding your Business

Professional Photographers Association of New England (PPANE)

Branding and Expanding your Business

Show details

Join us for an information packed seminar as Trish Logan walks us through Branding and Expanding our Business.  This workshop covers:

  • How to differentiate yourself from the competition
  • The Face you show the world
  • How to add more value to your brand
  • How to produce loyal customers that will return time after time 
  • Growth through Goals Settings
  • Making a 1yr, 3yr, 5yr and even a 10yr plan for your company

  • 05 Jun 2014
  • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Candace Pratt Photography, Lee, NH
  • 12

Summer Seminar | Photo Safari

Summer Seminar | Photo Safari

    • 30 Jun 2014
    • 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM
    • Rolling Ridge Conference Center, North Andover, MA

2014 NECCC camera college and showcase presentations descriptions (SPECIAL PRESENTATIONS)

2014 NECCC camera college and showcase presentations descriptions (SPECIAL PRESENTATIONS) (Friday Evening – one time only)

David FitzSimmons (OH)  Building a Successful and Profitable Photography Business
 “Entrepreneur” and “Photographer”—two words that in today’s business world must go together to be successful in the photographic world. Learn what it means to build a successful, goal-oriented, and inspired business that highlights entrepreneurship and creative photography. Hear stories of what works and what doesn’t as David narrates his twenty-year journey in the visual field. See examples of projects that succeed, resources to take you to the next level, and ways to leverage one success to another.  (Sponsored by Sigma)

Denise Ippolito (NJ) and Arthur Morris (FL)  Creating Pleasing Blurs
Pleasing blurs are rarely happy accidents….  This program will cover the great variety of techniques that can be used to create pleasingly blurred images mostly in-camera in the field, and at times, during post-processing.  Topics that will be discussed and illustrated include pan blurs, vertical pan blurs, zoom blurs, camera movement blurs including flames and jiggles, flash blurs, and subject movement blurs including moving water blurs, long exposure blurs.  They will discuss the need for accurate focusing, managing your ISO settings, creating in-camera multiple exposures, the importance of subject to film plane orientation, the role of neutral density and polarizing filters when creating pleasing blurs, your choice of shutter speeds, and how subject to sensor distance affects the degree of blurring.  With the advent of digital photography and the popularity of intentionally blurred images in prestigious nature photography competitions, more and more folks are enjoying the challenges and rewards of creating pleasing blurs. Whether you photograph birds, wildlife, and flowers or people, street scenes, or landscapes, this is one program that you do not want to miss if you would like to learn to unleash your creativity.  Join top nature photography professionals Denise Ippolito ( and Arthur Morris (, co-authors of the hugely popular eBook, “A Guide to Pleasing Blurs,” as they present their slide-illustrated lecture, “Creating Pleasing Blurs.”  (Arthur Morris is Sponsored by Canon)  (B, I, A,  90 min)

Deborah Sandidge (FL) Infrared Photography - the World of Invisible Light
Infrared photography will expand your photographic horizons. It offers the photographer an alternative way to "tell the story" creating an image that is more surreal and enchanting than possible in color.  Various subjects reflect and absorb infrared light differently than in color. The results may surprise you! Leaves from trees such as maples, are highly reflective of infrared light and are recorded as white by the digital camera and infrared filter. Clouds become wonderfully expressive and often the sky is quite dark, both key features of an infrared image. Infrared light also creates a flawless porcelain look to skin. This is why infrared photography is so attractive to wedding photographers. The way that infrared light is absorbed and reflected by various surfaces works beautifully to create a compelling image. Join author Deborah Sandidge as she guides you through creative techniques for photographing and post processing beautiful infrared imagery.    (Sponsored by Nikon)  (I, 90 min)

Monday, April 28, 2014


Friday, July 11 (9am-Noon) workshops run concurrently, you cannot attend more than one
Participants in any workshop must be paid registrants for the Conference. Class size is limited. Register early. If paying by check please write separate checks for the Conference and for any one of the five pre-conference workshops. See Registrations instructions for workshop cancellation policy. See for expanded descriptions. Electrical outlets will be provided for power for those workshops requiring laptops. The fee for each workshop is $66.95. This includes a 3% UMass administrative fee.

WORKSHOP I: How to Make Your Images Look Better (not worse!) in Photoshop by Arthur Morris (FL)
Artie will discuss and demonstrate the techniques he uses every day to process his digital captures. His approach to Photoshop is a direct one; because he has so many images to process, his choice is to make the images look as good as possible in the shortest amount of time. Artie shows us how to maintain control of the image with the result of a natural-looking, pleasing image. The demonstration will include converting images from RAW, cropping and cloning, levels and hue/saturation adjustments in layers, correcting a colorcast, saving images, and sharpening images for use, as well as other topics. While some of these techniques are not compliant with PSA Nature competition rules, they can be useful to rescue an otherwise great image to make it a work of art to hang on the wall or for use in general competition. Every attendee will receive a copy, including future updates, of Arthur Morris/Birds as Art PDF “The Digital Basics File” ($25 value), a comprehensive set of notes and instruction for the digital editing workflow Artie follows. Prerequisite: No laptops are required for this workshop.

WORKSHOP II: Creative Filters & Effects Workshop by Denise Ippolito (NJ)
During this fun and inspiring workshop participants will learn a variety of the latest techniques that Denise uses to create one-of-a-kind works of art. She will demonstrate some of her creative filtering, effects and texturing tips as well as her favorite Photoshop Plug-ins.  Photoshop instruction includes how to selectively apply effects using layers and masks, how to easily apply texture overlays, and creative filtering using a variety of plug-ins including Nik Color Efex Pro, Topaz products, Alien Skin Snap Art 3, and Fractalius. The instructor will use Photoshop CS6 to demonstrate the techniques, but any version of Photoshop that has layers and masks is suitable.  Prerequisite: Bring your laptop with Photoshop and plug-ins installed. Instructions to download textures and plug-ins will be provided prior to the workshop.

WORKSHOP III: Black and White Conversion in Photoshop: A Vision-Driven Approach
by A. Cemal Ekin (RI)
Black and White photography requires different sensibilities and different tools. There are many different ways to convert a digital photograph to a B&W. Some prefer to use additional plugins, yet Photoshop offers powerful tools to do the conversion. In this workshop we will explore B&W aesthetics and you will learn some Photoshop techniques that offer flexibility, tonal control, color toning, and not based on additional plugins or software. Participants should be reasonably familiar with Photoshop layers and should have a version of Photoshop installed on their laptops. Some actions and files will be provided before the workshop.

WORKSHOP IV: Making Time-lapse Movies by Joe LeFevre (NY) (INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED LEVEL)
In this workshop you will first learn important field techniques and camera settings for shooting time-lapse sequences. Then, working together, you will process a set of images using Adobe Lightroom, and make the corresponding movie using QuickTime 7 Pro.  We will end the workshop with a brief look at a powerful software program called LRTimelapse.  Images from one of Joe’s time-lapse sequences will be provided for you on a disk, along with program notes. Come learn how to add motion to your stills using this compelling technique.  Prerequisite: Bring a laptop with a copy of Lightroom 4 or 5 installed, along with QuickTime 7 Pro ($29.99 at, and LRTimelapse (free download for up to 400 images at You must have experience with the Development Module in Lightroom.

WORKSHOP V: Get the Best Images from your Mobile Device by Jerry Hug (IL)
In this workshop you will learn how to take better photos with your iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch with cameras, and Smart Phones. Jerry will take the workshop through shooting techniques to get better photos, and then teach how to get the best results when editing photos on their mobile devices. Prerequisite: Bring your mobile device with Snapseed and Camera Awesome apps downloaded in advance of the workshop.

Antoinette Gombeda will notify you by email ( of specific information regarding your preconference workshop by the first week in July.

PRE-CONFERENCE PORTFOLIO REVIEW (40 minute individual sessions) Friday July 11, 2014 (9am-noon)

This is your opportunity to have up to 15 images (prints and/or digital) reviewed by one of New England’s top photographers/judges. Reviewers include William Barnett MPSA, MNEC, AFIAP; Jacob Mosser, FPSA, MPSA, HonNEC; Sarah Musumeci, MNEC; Daniel Charbonnet, FPSA, MNEC, and Shiv Verma, APSA, MNEC. The cost is $41.40 per 40 minute session which includes the 3% UMASS administrative fee. In the session, the participant can discuss his/her work on an individual basis.  If you sign up for this service, a confirmation form will be sent to you June 25th.  On this form you will indicate you first and second choice of reviewer and indicate whether you will bring prints, digital images or both. You must return the form by July 2nd.  You will then be contacted via email with the time slot and room number of the reviewer to whom you have been assigned. All efforts will be made to accommodate your first choice.  

Please note this activity takes place at the same time as the other five pre-conference workshops. If paying by check write a separate check for the portfolio review.
Susan Mosser(  will be notifying you about the portfolio reviews

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So You Want to be a Judge(or Better Understand them)

So You Want to be a Judge(or Better Understand them) with Bob Singer

This special workshop on judging photography competitions is only held once every few years! led by CCAA Master Artist Bob Singer, MNEC – a photography judge/commentator for over 30 years 
Saturday, September 20, 9:00AM-4:00PM in CCAA’s large downstairs gallery 

Whether you aspire to become a photography judge/commentator (and new ones are really needed in our region) or would just like to better understand what’s behind judges’ decisions, this one-of-a-kind, one-day judging workshop will prepare you for the judge’s seat by building your confidence and understanding with live, real-time judging experience.

Led by CCAA Master Artist Bob Singer who has been a photography judge at PSA international salons, NECCC salons, camera clubs and magazine competitions for over 30 years and who has led many judging workshops, this unique one-day workshop interactively involves you as it polishes your judging skills, understanding and insights.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

2014 NECCC camera college and showcase presentations descriptions (BEGINNER’S TRACK )

2014 NECCC camera college and showcase presentations descriptions (BEGINNER’S TRACK)

Gail Hansche-Godin, MNEC (MA)  Basic Camera Operation
Do you have a digital camera but never take it off of automatic?  Do you want to learn how your camera works so you can improve your images?  Learn about the basic operation of digital cameras so you can take control of your photography.  This class will cover basic lighting, ISO, image quality, exposure, white balance, shutter speed and the effects of aperture on your final image.  Learn why, when and how to use various modes on your digital camera including various flash modes.  Whether you use a point-and-shoot or a DSLR camera, understanding the function of the camera will help you create better images.  (B, 60 min)

Rick Cloran, FPSA, MPSA, MNEC (MA)  Basic Image Processing
In this program Rick will walk through the key basic steps in processing images. Rick will use Photoshop Elements 9 as an example in this presentation; however, the workflow and adjustments will be similar in other image editing software. The coverage will center on the “Full Editor” in Elements. We will start at the beginning with initial processing on Raw and Jpeg images. Coverage will continue by examining key techniques such as eliminating color casts, setting black and white points in an image, and techniques for dealing with over and under exposure. Core editing tools such as the Healing tools, Clone tool (aka rubber stamp tool), Magic Wand, Quick Select, and Sharpening tool will be explored. We will examine layers and adjustment layers as well as the basic use of layer Blend Modes and masks. We will finish up by touching on sizing and sharpening images for different uses and the often overlooked step of making sure the image is in the correct color space for the intended use.    (B, 90 min)

Amy Musinsky, MNEC (MA) Printing quality photos from your home printers for beginners

Learn everything you need to know about how to get quality prints from your home printer. We will discuss what makes a quality print, basic color management, and the different types of inks and papers.  Printer settings will be demonstrated.  Examples of prints with different papers and settings will be available for comment and discussion. (B, 60 min)

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2014 NECCC camera college and showcase presentations descriptions (misc)

2014 NECCC camera college and showcase presentations descriptions (misc)

Rob Van Petten (RI) Think Outside the Soft Box
This is a 90 minute demonstration designed to build your confidence in studio and location lighting with a variety of lighting tools.  Beyond the safety of the soft box there is a menu of lighting options that give your lighting mood, dramatic effects, and individual style.  You will learn the use of a variety of light modifiers separately and in combinations.  Rob will demonstrate building a rhythm of light zones - light dynamics - made easy with a live model demonstration. The class is divided into 3 parts: The Show – Rob begins by discussing the use of a variety of light tailoring devices with studio flash and incandescent lights, The Demo – Rob demonstrates the use of a variety of lighting devices.  This involves a quick lighting demo using studio flash, incandescence, ring flash, gels and shooting with the correct white balance and using an X-Rite color checker for a consistent reference. The Shoot – Rob will show you how he uses a variety of lighting techniques with a live model in the studio. 
(Sponsored by Dynalite and Nikon)  (I, A, 90 min)


Essdras Suarez (MA)  Through the Eyes of a Photojournalist 
A look at the world around us through the lens of Pulitzer Prizewinner photographer Essdras M Suarez as he covered local, regional and international stories during his two decades as a shooter. From the Columbine Massacre, to Iraq war, to the Indonesia Tsunami, to the Crossing Divides project, a series of journeys between countries to document daily life in far and nearby places, and many more. (Sponsored by Nikon)   (B, I, A, 90 min)


Ivan Rothman (NY)   I’m Alive!

This program is a celebration of wildlife from around the world highlighting the diversity, the beauty and the vitality of these magnificent creatures.  Creatures of every size and type from North America, Iceland, Japan, the Falkland and Galapagos Islands, the Arctic and the North Atlantic Ocean, Costa Rica and seven African countries are presented with an uplifting and spiritual musical theme.   (60 min)

Thursday, April 24, 2014

John Slonina new-england one day photo tours and workshops

Newport RI Photo Tour: May 3, 2014
This photo tour we will cover the beautiful hotspots of NewportRI. We will photograph some of the many marinas, Fort Adams State Park,Newport Bridge,Goat Island, Ocean Drive, the Lighthouse, and many other Gems. This is a great time to visit Newportbefore the busy tourist season.
Time: 2pm till sunset
Cost : $95

Quabbin Reservoir (MA) Photo Tour: May 10, 2014

Join us as we travel to the to photograph beautiful Majestic streams, wildlife, foliage, wildflowers, rivers, reflections.

One of my favorite places in New England.

Today, Quabbin is recognized as one of the largest drinking-water reservoirs in the world, a remarkable feat of engineering, an "accidental wilderness" that is home to an impressive variety of wildlife, and a wonderful place to explore. Join us as we hike into Quabbin Reservoir to experience the beauty of the wilderness and diversity of life and habitats

Time: 2pm till sunset

Cost : $95
For More info
Phone: (508) 736-1167

John Slonina
Slonina Photography

2014 NECCC camera college and showcase presentations descriptions (Digital programs)

2014 NECCC camera college and showcase presentations descriptions (Digital programs)


A. Cemal Ekin, PhD (RI) Black and White Conversion in Lightroom: Why, What, When, How
Lightroom has offered a new set of tools to digital photographers, including B&W conversion. The obvious tools it offers come with some shortcomings. This session will focus on B&W photography and how to achieve the desired results with maximum effectiveness. Monochrome toning will also be discussed and explained.    (I, 75 min)

Sean Teegarden (CA) Thought Process: A conceptual workflow using Lightroom's Develop Module

Whether shooting personal or professional work, getting the best photograph in-camera is only half of the battle when making a great image. Editing can be daunting work when post processing tools and new technologies are being created at a rapid pace therefore changing workflow habits. In this workshop, we will cover a creative approach to RAW processing using Lightroom's Develop Module for 90% of the images we create. From the fundamentals of basic processing (most used adjustments) to intermediate aesthetic treatments, we will focus on the image from a pre-visualization view where each image has specific goal prior to image import. The goal is to get your images into Lightroom, out to their destination, and get you back to shooting. We will drill down to some of Lightroom's most powerful features and when one might use a tool set in the image workflow. Topics focused on but not limited to: Local Adjustments (Adjustment Brush, Spot Healing, Radial), Correction features (Upright, Noise Reduction, WB Eyedropper), Color FX (HSL Sliders, Curves Camera, Camera Calibration), and when to use   (Sponsored by Adobe)          (B, I, A, 90 min)

Lisa Cuchara, MNEC (CT)  Applying Textures to Photographs
What is a texture? We know texture when we see it, but when we refer to a "Texture" as photographic tool we mean a photograph that is placed on top of another photograph and then "blended" or adjusted to affect how it is portrayed. "Textures" can be just that, photographs of rust, peeling paint, old paper, etc., but they can also be clouds, bokeh, bubbles, water drops, wallpaper, walls, words, old letters, grass, etc. The specific texture that you pick will affect how your photograph underneath looks, but you have additional choices by changing the blending mode (there are 20 blend modes, but a handful that are commonly used when blending textures) for that texture later. Changing the blending modes alters the way that particular texture interacts with the photograph underneath. .Join Lisa Cuchara as she shows you how to edit some of your photographs to give them a different feel by applying textures to them. Textures can add a mood or a feel to an image; making the photograph softer, warmer, grungier, older, etc. In this intermediate workshop (assumes knowledge of layers and masks) Lisa will show you how to collect your own textures, how to use textures, how to remove textures from part of an image, how to remove color from a texture and change the color of the texture and how to prevent the texture from affecting of the photograph below while leaving the color.       (I, 90 min)

Sarah Musumeci, MNEC (MA)  SELECTIONS - How to Choose and Use Photoshop's Many Selection Tools

Often in Photoshop you may want to make changes to an isolated portion of an image, and you need a selection. In this presentation I will demonstrate the many selection tools and how each one works.  We will cover the Marquee Tools, the Lasso Tools, the Quick Selection method, and the Magic Wand - and when they are best used. Then we will move to the more sophisticated Color Range method of selections, selections via masks, and the dreaded Pen Tool. The Pen Tool is one of the most accurate and controllable methods of selections, and will prove to be one of your most used tools in any selection process. Mastering these ‘isolation’ methods is essential in getting the perfect selection needed for the job - in the least amount of time.  (B, I, A, 90 min)

2014 NECCC camera college and showcase presentations descriptions Nature

2014 NECCC camera college and showcase presentations descriptions (Nature)


Andrey Antov (ME)  Macro Photography Made Easy
There are several reasons for doing macro rather than landscape or bird photography – it is less expensive and easier, the objects are readily accessible, and there are better chances of repeating the opportunities. In addition, one can shoot macro with the least sophisticated equipment not only outside, but also indoors. In his program Andrey will convey a few easy tricks to quickly set up a macro studio wherever you are.    (B, I, 60 min)

Gregg Basco (Costa Rica)  Making Your Own Light: Flash and Flashlights for Nature Photography Flash, used responsibly and creatively, can open up a whole new world for the nature photographer. Many nature photographers express an aversion to flash, but done well, it allows one to capture dramatic images not possible with natural light.  Continuous light sources such as garden-variety flashlights are also valuable in providing accent light to shots during the day and at night. In this engaging presentation, Greg Basco explains how he "makes his own light" in a multitude of ways to produce stunning images in the tropical forests of Costa Rica. You'll take home some inspiration and ideas that you can put to use in your own photography.

Arthur Morris (FL)  What Makes a Great Natural History Image
Today’s incredible digital photography gear makes it far easier to create sharp, well exposed, technically perfect image of birds, buildings, bears, boats, and blossoms than it was to do so with film. This slide-illustrated lecture will feature hundred’s of Artie’s spectacular images as he shares his thoughts on the flow of a photograph, negative space, and compositional balance and their effects on image design.  Artie will teach you how to see, understand, and use a variety of lighting conditions to create mood in an image.  You will learn the great importance of choosing your perspective carefully.  You will come to see that using your longest lens with a teleconverter and filling the frame with your subject is a great way to create boring images. You will learn to recognize the great situations that many folks walk right past.  To learn more about Arthur Morris visit  and  (Sponsored by Canon)   (B,I,A  75 min)

Benjamin Grunow (VT) Auroras and the Milky Way  In this Aurora and Milky way program, you will join nature and landscape photographer Benjamin Grunow in a class room setting to learn about the different ways to capture the night sky and Milky way. This class will teach you about beginner to advanced settings on your camera, focusing, light painting your foreground and framing your shot in the dark. You will learn techniques on time-lapse and different ways to capture star trails from beginning to end. The aurora section of the class will be about tracking the sun and moon cycles for capturing the aurora, it is the most important part of knowing when to get out and shoot.       (Sponsored by Panasonic)  (I, 75 min)

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Learn Photoshop Techniques That Will Change Your Workflow – In Just One Day!

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KelbyOne LiveHome Seminar Details Location
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Hartford, CT
May 20, 2014
Convention Center
100 Columbus Blvd
Hartford, CT 06103
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Meet RC Concepcion
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2014 Glennie Results Available

2014 Glennie Results Available

The Merrimack Valley Camera Club Is proud to announce that the results from this year’s George W. Glennie Memorial Nature competition are available on-line at the club’s website.  This year's competition was a success with 833 images from 85 clubs from around the world.

There you will find:
Even if your club did not participate this year we encourage you to view the results and download the slideshow.  Perhaps it will motivate you to participate next year.

Participating clubs should have already received an electronic scorecard of your club’s results.  If you have not have your club coordinator check their SPAM folder, then contact for another copy.


Plaques, Medals and Ribbons have all been ordered.  We should have them in the post to winning clubs in the next 1-2 weeks.

Salon Slideshow

The salon slideshow makes excellent content for one of your club’s upcoming meetings.  It contains award winning nature images set to music; this slideshow.  There are two versions of the slideshow;
  • the complete show runs 31 minutes and contains all award winning images plus those images accepted into the salon (approximate the top 1/3 of all images)
  • a shorter version containing only the award winning images runs 25 minutes.
The slideshow is available as a Proshow Gold executable file for Windows.  It can also be run on a Mac using one of the Windows emulators such as Parallels.  Click here to download.  Then remember to turn off your screen saver, turn up your speakers, and then sit back and enjoy the show.

If you do download the slideshow, could you do us the favor of emailing to let us know where you are showing it? Knowing that others are enjoying the show, helps motivate us to invest the time to create one for next year.

Thanks to all clubs that participated.  Congratulations to the award winners.  Each year we are impressed by the quality and quantity of fabulous nature images.  After a brief while to rest & collectively catch our breath, we start to look forward to what you have in store for us next year.

After scorecards were distributed one minor error was found & corrected.  It did not affect the awards, but some clubs final position may have increased by a position.  Check the on-line results reports to see the impact on your club (if any).

Copyright © 2014 MVCC Camera Club, All rights reserved.
You were interested in prior Glennie competitions

Our mailing address is:
MVCC Camera Club
72 Elm Street
North Andover, Massachusetts 01845

Meredith Images - upcoming 3 workshops

NECCC Camera Club Spotlight features Photographic Society of Rhode Island

NECCC Camera Club Spotlight features Photographic Society of Rhode Island

Club Name: Photographic Society of Rhode Island

Club website:

Club contact: NECCC Rep. Mike Di Stefano, MNEC

Club Meeting Location: Lakewood Baptist Church, 255 Atlantic Avenue, Warwick, RI 02888

Club Meeting Times: Second, Third & Fourth Tuesday of the month from Sept to May

Club Mission Statement: PSRI, the Photographic Society or Rhode Island has been in existence since 1927. During that time, it has changed its name and meeting location but never its spirit. PSRI is the premiere camera and photographic society in Rhode Island, dedicated to excellence in the art and craft of photography. The group arguably represents the best photographic talent in the state and the membership has been growing every year. You may enjoy reading the short document titled “A Brief History of PSRI “.

Number of members: 175

What is something about your club we might not know?: PSRI hosts the Ocean State International Exhibition of Photography, one of only two PSA sanctioned Internationals in New England.  PSRI has had many, many Pro Photographers, too many to mention without risking omitting anyone, who have visited PSRI to conduct local New England educational shooting workshops and special PSRI meeting presentations.  PSRI has a policy of opening our special shooting workshops & meeting presentations to any of NECCC associated camera club members.  PSRI is also about giving back to the community. In 2012 three PSRI members mentored a group of sixteen Girl Scouts. The organization were celebrating their 100th anniversary and wished to have a Photography Exhibit “Year in the Life of Girl Scouting” at their Waterfire event.  See more details at:

Three words that best describe your camera club: The 3 E’s - Education, Enjoyment, Encouragement.

Favorite subject matter of your members: PSRI’s greatest asset is the variety of subject matter it’s members enjoys photographing.

Favorite field trip: Long Weekend Workshops at Cape Cod, MA and Acadia, ME.

Each image file name contains; the image title, PSRI member’s name, NECCC Inter-Club Event it was entered and the ribbon it won.

After_the_Storm by Dena Janson_Pictorial_HM_Spring2012.jpg

 Spiders of Caratunk by Jaye Bliss_Nature_HM_Winter2014.jpg

Great Gray At Work by Kar; Zuzartes_Nature_2nd_Winter2014..jpg

First Light by Dan Spendolini_Pictorial_1st_Winter2012.jpg

Elk In Rain by David Uliss_Nature_HM_Fall2012.jpg

Blue Dasher Female Dragonfly by Holly Trahan_Nature_1st_Winter2012.jpg

His_mother_is_a_good_hunter by Natalya Pluzhnikov_Nature_2nd_Spring2012.jpg

 Los Cuernos by Marion Faria_Pictorial_HM_Winter2013.jpg

Merganser Getaway By Deb Page_Nature_HM_Spring2013.jpg

 Mirror Image by Mike Dooley_Pictorial_HM_Winter2013.jpg