Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Three important points of information about the upcoming 75th Anniversary NECCC Conference to be held July 15-17th

Below are very important decisions made by the NECCC Steering committee over the past couple of weeks regarding the NECCC Conference. This email is a bit long but very important so please read.

This email is to inform you of three important points of information about the upcoming 75th Anniversary NECCC Conference to be held July 15-17,2022:

1. Programming 

We had the lineup for the 75th conference complete in the Fall of 2019. Alas, even though the speakers all committed to move forward with the 75th conference, that has now become impossible for a few of them due to changes in their time schedule or changes in the company they were associated with, so you will find some changes in the 2022 format. We have lost a few speakers that were advertised for the 75th in 2020 and replaced them for the 75th in 2022. It is a pleasure to let you know that we have added Tim Grey to our line up, Dr. Kah-Wah Liun, Rick Friedman, and Paul Nguyen. Due to time restraints one of our keynotes, Corey Rich will no longer be able to be with us. We are happy to announce he has been replaced with a dynamic and entertaining speaker -- Billie Weiss the Red Sox Senior manager of Photography. We will be going live with registration for the 75th sometime in April.

B. Two decisions have been made by the 7-person NECCC Steering Committee

1. We need everyone to contribute to our efforts to keep everyone healthy so everyone attending the 75th annual NECCC photography conference will upload their Covid vaccination card. When you register to attend the conference through UMASS conference services attendees will check off a box that states you have been vaccinated to be able to register for the conference and then you will need to be prepared to upload your vaccination card. We do not anticipate that everyone will be required to wear a mask, but will be following UMASS, Massachusetts State, and CDC guidelines. We feel this policy will make it safer for all to attend. Due to the vaccination card upload logistics, everyone will have to register themselves (in order to upload their vaccine cards) we will not be offering a group discount to the conference this year.

2. Most Important of all:

The 75th NECCC Conference will be held from July 15-17 of this year. This will be the last in-person Conference for the foreseeable future. This decision has not been arrived at easily. It reflects the “retirement” of the existing Conference team and the lack of new persons willing to take on all of the duties and responsibilities to replace the existing Conference team. It also reflects the significant changes in the photographic industry and the willingness of our prior major sponsors to continue to maintain their involvement at the levels needed to bring in the noted speakers and photographic opportunities that the NECCC Conference is known for.

The NECCC Steering Committee has approved this decision. The Committee will consider and pursue alternatives for providing NECCC member clubs with special programming opportunities in the future.  Rick Cloran. HonPSA, HonNEC

Please plan on joining us for the last conference of its kind. Encourage all your friends to go also. If you have never attended before but have always wanted to attend this will be your last opportunity. Help us to make the 75th one to remember and the best photo conference known to go out with a bang and a big hooray. Lisa & Tom Cuchara, HonNEC’s  Conference Co-Chairs  are working very hard to bring you the best conference ever and one to remember. Let's fill all the seats and enjoy a great weekend of learning and fun.

To all club reps and presidents: Reps and presidents would you please coordinate between the two of you and please send this important announcement out in an email blast to your membership. Would you please make sure all clubs you hold an office get the notification email and it is actually sent out to your membership.