Thursday, January 14, 2021

Costco closing its Photo Centers

Costco has announced that it will be closing the Photo Centers in all its locations by February 14, 2021. 

Costco is not getting out of the photography market entirely, however. While the company plans to close its in-store locations, it plans to continue to offer prints through its website.


Monday, January 11, 2021

Participate in a new exhibition sponsored by NaDA (National Digital Artists), a program of the Cape Cod Art Center

Cape Cod Art Center (CCAC) would like to extend an invitation to all NECCC photographers to participate in a new exhibition sponsored by NaDA (National Digital Artists), a program of the Cape Cod Art Center.  They are sponsoring an online exhibition entitled “Images of Resilience” as a fundraising effort to support Meri Walker, a well-known digital artist who lost her home and all her possessions in the Oregon fires. We know Meri because she has come here to teach several workshops for CCAC, and is involved in various ways with the CCAC Digital Art Group.  

NaDA defines digital art as any image that was created using pixels.  Digital photography definitely falls into that category and we would like to get more photographers involved with naDA and this exhibition.  

The entry categories are digital photography, digital painting/drawing, and digital mixed media.  All digital arts are considered except video and animation. (We’re still figuring out how to display them on the NaDA website). The images can be created on a computer, a mobile device or a digital camera of any sort.  When defining categories for this show, We chose these exhibit categories to include as complete a spectrum as possible of digital artists.

We are hoping to make this sort of an exhibition a yearly thing for NaDA, with different themes and always an element of donation to support the digital creative community.  Cash prizes are being offered which you can see on the website.  Also, there will be a physical exhibition at Bob Korn’s gallery on Cape Cod when it becomes possible, hopefully in the fall and winter 2021-2022.  

Here is the naDA website link where you can read about the specifics of this juried show: