Monday, December 3, 2018

Courtesy Enrollment Program (moved up to January!)

NECCC Club Reps and Presidents - Registration for the 2019 NECCC Conference will begin soon and attendees will be able to register online.

The Courtesy Enrollment Program must also begin much earlier than in previous years to allow each courtesy enrollee to select pre-conference workshops they might wish to attend.  If we wait too long, courtesy enrollees will find that workshops have filled up before they have the opportunity to register online for the conference.

Please begin your club’s process for selecting an individual for the 2019 Courtesy Enrollment program.  Send me the name and the $40.00 co-pay check (paid by the club or by the enrollee) as soon as you are ready (before December 1 if you are ready).  You will receive confirmation of the enrollee’s acceptance once we have received all required information, and I will forward names of accepted courtesy enrollees to the Conference Registration staff so the individuals can register online.  The information we need is explained at: The key requirements are that the individual has not previously attended an NECCC Conference, that we receive the $40.00 co-pay check (either from the club or the individual), and that your club is up-to-date on the NECCC club dues for 2018-2019.

If you have any questions, contact:  Fran MacDonald, MNEC