Monday, June 2, 2014

NECCC FEATURE PRESENTATION: The Life of a Photograph Presented by Sam Abell of Virginia


General Chairman: Dennis Goulet, MNEC

The Life of a Photograph
Presented by Sam Abell of Virginia
Sponsored by Canon

Sam Abell is widely regarded for the elegance, structure and precision he brings to his editorial and documentary photography. He brings those same qualities to this lecture, creating a positive and energizing experience for the audience. Sam will illustrate some of the adventures and misadventures of his life-long effort to make lasting images. He discusses his belief that enduring photographs are thoughtfully made, not taken. He does this by showing the picture-by-picture process that lies behind the making of iconic images.
Sam Abell’s forty-year career has been dedicated to achieving artistic expression through documentary photography. He has pursued his goals primarily through lengthy, in-depth assignments for National Geographic, where for thirty years he was a contract and staff photographer. He is also one of only 35 Canon Explorers of Light. At the same time, he has maintained a career as an artist, teacher and author. Mr. Abell is a founder of the Santa Fe Center of Photography and has been a member of the boards of the George Eastman House, Rochester, NY and the University of Virginia Museum of Art. His book, Amazonia, was published in January, 2010 to coincide with a traveling exhibition of images organized by the University of Oregon Art Museum. The first installment of four books in the planned 16-volume publication of The Sam Abell Library was released this January by Radius Books, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Join us for this educational and entertaining presentation.