Tuesday, July 19, 2016

NECCC Confrence Digital Projected Image Competition Results

Digital Projected Image Competition Results
These files are posted on the NECCC website 2016 conference competition page as well 

Congratulations to the winners, some really awesome photographs here! 

N 1 Best of Show 2031$Curcis, Peter$GLPA$Peregrine Pulling on Kill$N-bird

N Best Bird 2173$Zuzarte, Karl$SBCC, PSRI$Gotcha this time$N-bird

N Best Botany 2087$Krucinski, Jacob$Charter Oak Photographic Society$Thistle and Bee$N-botany

N Best Mammal 2012$Begin, Maureen$Stoney Brook Camera Club$Motherly Love$N-mammal

N Best Wildlife 2167$Walsh, Patricia$South Shore CC New York$Food Fight$N-mammal

N Judge's Choice 2019$Carey, Daniel$Nashoba Valley Photo Club$Reddish Egret Eating Fish$N-bird

N Judge's Choice 2072$Jordan, Ken$GLPA$Blue Bird With Grass$N-bird

N Judge's Choice 2084$Koval, Drea$SECCC-Southeastern CT Camera Club$Sunrise in Lower Antelope Canyon$N

O 1 Best of Show 1138$Piskin, Lorraine$Huntington-Syosset-Nassau CC$Rafo of the Arbore Tribe$O-portrait

O Best Creative 1050$Gaboriault, Charlene$Gateway Camera Club$Wobbly Drinks$O-creative

O Best Landscape 1152$Rosthauser, Anne$Erie Photography Club$Lone Tree in Yellowstone$O-landscape

O Best PJ 1139$Pizzano, Robert$GLPA$Bronc Rider$O-pj

O Best Portrait1161$Schmitz, Bert$Housatonic Camera Club$The Age of Innocence$O-portrait

O Judge's Choice 1017$Brundage, Patricia$Greater Bridgeport CC$Fancy Poppy$O

O Judge's Choice 1174$Tyrseck, Rick$Flagpole Photographers$Sunflower$O

O Judge's Choice 1177$Vogan, Cynthia$Stony Brook$The Thinker$O