Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Art & Craft of Landscape & Nature Photography

The Art & Craft of Landscape & Nature Photography

with master photographer, Ossian Lindholm

Friday Oct 28th to Monday Oct 31st

What makes a great photograph? What is visual wisdom? What emotions, knowledge and passion did the great landscape artists like Leonardo, Monet, Adams and Wyeth bring to their canvases and lenses before they created their images? What essential skills did they master and pair with their visual wisdom to create landscape masterpieces?

In this intensive four-day weekend workshop and using the local and colorful fall landscapes as our guide, Ossian will teach you the essential skills and techniques to feel comfortable and confident with your camera and its settings. He will simultaneously increase your visual awareness and inspire you intuitively use the camera to connect, compose, enhance and expand your personal vision. Ossian’s accessible and engaging teaching style creates a welcome atmosphere for learning the technical processes of digital photography. Each day he will teach you valuable technical lessons, engage you fully in daily critiques and mind-provoking one-on-one meetings.

The course begins on Friday afternoon with an introduction to digital photography and ends on Monday evening with a very special and festive dinner where we share our work and celebrate our discoveries. In addition to a full day of classroom instruction, during this workshop we will visit New England’s most photogenic and natural settings including Concord, Carlisle and Mount Auburn Cemetery

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