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Marc Muench Portland all-day seminar Saturday, October 22nd

Marc Muench Portland all-day seminar Saturday, October 22nd

One of America’s top photographers, Marc Muench, is coming to Portland for an all-day seminar on Saturday, October 22nd.  Marc's presentation will educate, enlighten, and motivate. This event is sponsored by the Portland Camera Club and is open to the public.

Saturday, October 22, 2016, from 9AM to 5PM
at the Parker Pavilion on the UNE Portland Campus,
716 Stevens Ave, Portland, Maine

The all-day seminar on Saturday 10/22/16 is for photographers of every level. Marc's teaching is both fun and practical. He will touch on the mechanics of photography, including ways to have fun and be creative with your camera. A veteran landscape photographer, Marc will show how to see the possibilities in a landscape scene. He will discuss how to use your time in the field wisely, and he will teach several different approaches to creating an effective photograph.
Marc's presentation will cover composition and pre-visualization, teaching you how to think about composition using a specific list of simple terms, as well as how to apply those terms to your images and your seeing. You will be amazed at how useful and important it can be to think simply in order to compose, create and craft dramatic landscape images.
The day will also include instruction about image-editing software, Lightroom in particular. At the end of the day, you will have learned much about envisioning and capturing beautiful landscape images in the field, and how to use post-processing software to bring out the best in your digital files.
Marc is an artist who is always learning himself. "I look at other fields like fashion and fine art to derive different ideas and techniques to apply to my landscape photography." That sensibility is evident in his teaching of photography. "Working with passionate amateurs and professionals has expanded my world view. So many wonderfully unique people I have worked with have become an incredible source of inspiration. I never considered that teaching could be so gratifying and inspirational."

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"Wherever there is light, one can photograph."  ~ Alfred Stieglitz
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