Sunday, February 19, 2017

Upcoming Boudoir Class at Hunt's Photo

On March 4th, Hunt's Photo, Melrose will be holding a boudoir class lecture, which is really a fantastic opportunity. Dani Klein-Williams from dani fine photography in Northampton will be here to discuss both the art of boudoir and the business of boudoir photography. This class is meant for photographers that are looking to break into boudoir or photographers who are looking to find new ways to make money with their photography.

The first two hours will be a discussion with the photographer, Dani, a model that regularly works with her studio, and one of her makeup artists. They will be discussing how to set up shots, how to make models look as appealing as possible, and how to be respectful, but spirited in these situations. The second half of the talk discusses the business of boudoir and how to "fill in the blanks" in your professional photography schedule.

It's important to note that this is a lecture-class and not a boudoir session. However, this is part of the allure of this event, as it's a chance to ask very poignant questions, not only of the photographer, but also of the model and make-up artist. (I probably will never photograph boudoir, but I'm fascinated to learn more about the process!) It also helps that Dani is a very dynamic personality!

Our signup page is here:

Camera club members can receive $25 off the full event by using the promo code "25off"


Paul Nelson

Education Coordinator

Hunt's Photo & Video