Sunday, January 28, 2018

73rd Annual NECCC photo conference

Hello! Tom Cuchara and I are the 2018 NECCC conference chairs. We are asking for YOUR help in promoting this great photography conference. We would like to see it increase this year so we are asking each and every one of you to talk about the conference. Talk it up at your club, post it on your club's website, Facebook page, put it in your newsletters, blogposts, etc. Approach a stranger when you are out shooting and ask them if they know about the conference. = NE triple C dot org easy to remember

We have a great lineup for NECCC 2018. Almost all of the speakers have never presented at NECCC before, plus more hands-on and interactive sessions. Registration will go LIVE in February and some of our pre-conference workshops are likely to sell out -- like Lensbaby with Kathleen Clemons and Photographing Raptors with Tamron and others! You can see a draft of the pre-conference events here Pre-conference Workshops and Events -- This is your chance for three hours of hands-on learning! = NE triple C dot org easy to remember
This is the 73rd Annual conference! The NECCC photo conference is already the LARGEST event of its type in the country and we want to continue to bring you top rate photography presentations and we want to add MORE photo ops and MORE hands-on activities. The way that we can justify this is by YOU telling someone about the conference. With increased attendance, we can justify MORE activities for the following year.

We are asking YOU to reach out, if everyone reaches out even two people then collectively we will have an amazing reach. So this image above portrays YOUR hand reaching out to photo enthusiasts everywhere!

LOTS To Do, Shoot & Learn
  • Attend Photography Teaching Programs from many NEW to NECCC Top-rate Speakers
  • Canon Explorer of Light Darrell Gulin -- pre-conference breakout session and Keynote speaker, sponsored by Canon
  • Interact with Other Photographers
  • Trade Show, Borrow Camera and Lens to try out, Vendor Demos
  • Camera/Lens Loaning from Camera Companies
  • Participate in Hands-on Workshops and Interactive Sessions
  • Photograph Characters
  • Photograph Models
  • Photograph Small Animals, Glassware, Props- Photo-Ops Galore
  • Image Critiques 
  • Image Competitions