Sunday, March 10, 2019

Register now for the 74th Annual NECCC Photography Conference: MARCH REGISTRATION UPDATE

Register now for the 74th Annual NECCC Photography Conference:

6 of the 15 Pre-Conference Workshops (extra fee) are over 50% full
8 of the 14 Conference Workshops (free) are over 50% full
7 of the 13 Sunday morning Photo Walks (free) are over 50% full
When these fill up, there is still unlimited attendance at over 90 other sessions and dozens of hands-on activities.

58 different programs (some are given twice for over 90 programs over the course of the weekend, in addition to hands-on photo ops, photo walks, conference workshops, image reviews, and pre-conference workshops). Most of our talented speakers are new to the NECCC conference.

Mark Battista - Composition with a Painterly Approach
Mark Battista - How to Create Still Life Images with Impact
Anne Belmont - Creative Flower Photography: Unleashing the Creative Spirit...(Lensbaby)
Anne Belmont - Capturing Stunning Images...Most Beloved Flowers…(Lensbaby)
Mark Hilliard - Infrared photography
Padma Inguva - Creative Flower Photography (parts 1 & 2: come to either one or both)
Gerri Jones - Creating Still Life and Food Photographs with Pizazz
Jerry and Lori Keefer - Light Painting: Angles & Lights & Cars, Oh My!
Jerry & Lori Keefer - Light Painting Demo (Fri: Car Flint Circle Outside; Sun. Photoshop)
Lewis Kemper - Expanding Your Creativity with Time/Motion Techniques
Jamie Konarski Davidson - Creative, Interpretive Artistic Techniques In-camera
Jürgen Lobert - Light Painting & Drawing at Night (double session) (NESOP)
Jürgen Lobert - Daytime Long Exposure Photography (NESOP)
Sarah Musumeci MNEC - Pictures to Paintings (landscapes)
Sarah Musumeci MNEC - You Can Paint! Demo (double session)
Frank Smith - Creative Elements of Architecture: Out with the Rule Book
Shiv Verma APSA, MNEC - Timelapse Imagery
David Akoubian - Create your own Photography Oasis (Tamron)
David Akoubian - Nature: Capturing the Wild (Tamron)
David Akoubian - Nature: Creating successful Landscape Images (Tamron)
Peter Baumgarten - Astrophotography, Photographing the Beauty of the Night Sky (Olympus)
Peter Baumgarten - Photographing the Great Outdoors: Exploring Nature... (Olympus)
Kurt Budliger - Go With the Flow: A Guide to Creating Dynamic Images of Moving Water
Steve Gettle - A New World Opens – Getting Started in Macro Photography (Cognisys)
Steve Gettle - Moving in Closer – Advanced Macro Photography (Cognisys)
Adam Jones - Getting the most out of your wildlife and nature photos (Canon)
Jürgen Lobert - Astro-Landscape Photography (NESOP)
Chris Murray - The Subjective Landscape (ADKPI)
Allen/Yoshinaga - Make the Magic! Composites... (double session) (Panasonic/Lumix)
Sean Bagshaw - Developing for Extended Dynamic Range
Sean Bagshaw - Photoshop: Developing For Impact
Rad Drew - Creating Painterly and Vintage Images In Topaz Studio
Katrin Eismann - Partners for Life: Photoshop & Lightroom (Sony)
Katrin Eismann - Professional Masking & Compositing (Sony)
Adam Jones - Photoshop fun: Workflow and Composites in Photoshop (Canon)
Gerri Jones - Artistry Beyond the Lens
Lewis Kemper - Into The Eye Of The Sun: Creating Natural Looking HDR Images
General Interest
Suzette Allen/Jon Yoshinaga - Multimedia for Storytelling: Hybrid Imaging... (Panasonic/Lumix)
Bill Barnett - Selecting and Improving Images for Competition
Katrin Eismann - Camera to Sharing without a Computer (Sony)
Mark Hilliard - The Art Of Black and White Digital and Film Photography and Travel
Karen Hutton - Story, Art, & Power of Awe: Creating Signature Images From Truth...(Fujifilm)
Padma Inguva - Creating Stunning HDR... (double session)
Lori Keefer - How to Brand Yourself to Sell Photos and/or Entice Clients
Michael Koran - Exploring Street Photography
Jim Montanus - How to Create Stunning Night Photographs (Nikon)
Jim Montanus - The Incredible Life of Legendary Kodak photographer Neil Montanus (Nikon)
Jenn Sherry - Memory Cards, SSD, Backing up, & Sensor Cleaning (Delkin)
Frank Smith - Light Perfected (Travel Photography)
C. David Tobi - Color Management for Fine Art Printing (Datacolor)
Shiv Verma APSA, MNEC - Video for Photographers and Videographers
Marc Farb ANEC- Character Portraits Live Shoot (Sigma)
Jim Montanus - Light This: Learn Studio Lighting & Outdoor Lighting (Nikon)
Ed Pedi - Posing & Lighting of Family Groups, Simplified (Sponsored by Millers Lab/MPix)
Rad Drew - Creative editing on your iphone
Rad Drew - SnapSeed Tips and Tricks
Michael Koran - Fun with Mobile Phone Photography
Michael Koran - Mobile Phone Editing for Creative Expression