Friday, April 26, 2019

Free Join us April 29th for "The Landscapes of Chile and Argentina" by Ossian Lindholm

Free and open to the public -- Ossian Lindholm is flying in from Argentina for this program

Join us April 29th at the New Haven Camera Club for "The Landscapes of Chile and Argentina" by Ossian Lindholm

Join us April 29th at the New Haven Camera Club for "The Landscapes of Chile and Argentina" by Ossian Lindholm

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The Landscapes of Chile and Argentina

Join Argentinian nature photographer Ossian Lindholm as he takes you on a photographic tour of his native Northern Argentina, Patagonia and Northern Chile and its incredible landscape and wildlife diversity.  

Ossian will also be showing his favorite landscapes from The Atacama desert in Chile, Salta, Jujuy and Patagonia region of Argentina. Ossian will also discuss the 40-year evolution of his photographic passion and artistic vision. Ossian, an experienced photography teacher and nature documentary filmmaker, will share how he captured the very special light, angles, and colors of each highly photogenic and pristine region. With each stunning landscape image, he will share his techniques of connecting, capturing and creating his stunning photographs and take us on an intimate photo journey of his most beloved landscapes. 

Finally, Ossian will elaborate on the crucial role of the photographer in nature conservation that drives his personal mission: “Para conservar, primero hay que conocer.” To conserve first you must know. This maxim and personal philosophy are threads throughout his work. 

After Ossian’s talk you will: 1) Have a special understanding and appreciation of this unique and little-known part of the world 2) Be inspired by Ossian’s passion for photography and creating endearing images that poignantly communicate our special and symbiotic relationship with nature  3) Have a better understanding of: Landscape camera settings, light metering modes for landscapes, depth of field  and composition.

Ossian's BIO
Ossian Lindholm
Ossian Lindholm is a renowned nature photographer, teacher and documentary filmmaker from Tucuman, Argentina. He is dedicated to capturing, preserving, conserving and sharing the landscape, nature and culture of Argentina in its most pristine state. Ossian has published five books and teaches photography courses throughout the year.  Since 1998 he has been leading photographers and naturalists on photographic journeys throughout South America.

For five years he created, produced and was the host of a very popular weekly nature TV documentary called Travesias Fotograficas. Through his art he aspires to teach that nature is sacred and our relationship to our earth is a symbiotic one.