Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Photodex is closing its doors as of January 31; Photopia is the next generation of slideshow software.

You may have already heard, but Photodex is closing its doors as of January 31. Their website will go inactive and users will no longer be able to get the latest version of the programs that they have purchased if they need to do a reinstall for something like a new computer or a hard drive problem.

We’ve tried to notify folks at GLPA to go to the Photodex site and get a screenshot of their program key and download the latest version of the last program they bought just so they will have it in reserve in case.

The ProShow programs will continue to work (it is not like they self destruct on 1/31/2020, but they will continue to work until Microsoft makes some change to Windows that messes things up).

The suggested replacement software is subscription only and costs $10 a month or $100 a year for the basic version (or $25 a month or $250 a year for the pro version). They are also working on a MAC version. You are supposed to be able to “suspend” your subscription if you aren’t using the program so the days you bought aren’t running off, but lord knows how that will work in practice.


Note from Lisa. I did download the free trial of the replacement program (I tried both, but only need Creator). It looks and acts a lot like ProShow Gold (some of the same software developers made it) -- and you can import all of your ProShow Gold shows into it. 

Photopia is the next generation of slideshow software. Created by some of the original developers of ProShow, Photopia takes slideshow creation to all new heights.
All new from the ground-up, Photopia was built using many of the ideas Photodex had developed for the next generation of ProShow. With Photodex's blessings, Photopia has taken these ideas and created something that will be instantly familiar to ProShow users while also taking a major leap forward. Photopia Creator and Director can import slideshows, effects, and other content from ProShow Gold or Producer.
Photopia has tons of incredible new features and reimagines how slideshow software should work. It is compatible with your existing ProShow files - you can load existing shows, use your Slide Styles and templates, and more.