Thursday, November 28, 2013

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Topaz Sale

I just love all of the Topaz products!
I use Clarity and/or adjust on just about every image that I process! Their B&W produces some awesome and crisp black and white images, and simply can transform your image into a painting. Remask and Denoise are also very powerful. StarEffects and Lens Effects are great too, but I only use them on select images. Their collection is well worth it!!

Black Friday/Cyber Monday. For the first time ever Topaz will be running a promotion on the Topaz Complete Photography Collection, which includes all of our products.

The Complete Collection will be sold for $199.99, which is almost 50% off the normal price of $379.99. 

The sale will run from November 28th through December 2nd, just use promo code: blackfriday2013

Check out the Topaz products here

 on the Topaz Labs website