Wednesday, March 5, 2014

ATNX Actions -- let actions assist your Photoshop editing!

ATNX Actions -- let actions assist your Photoshop editing!
I love using actions in photoshop! They make you faster and sometimes more creative. I am always on the lookout for great actions (just double click the atn file, they install right into photoshop). This action set is only $25 but gives you 90 actions. They are split up into four sets and allow you to easily tweak your photographs, definitely worth it!
The most affordable Photoshop actions consist of 90 action files packed into 4 different sets - Primary, Mono, Color and Special. Our actions are intuitively easy to use, reasonably priced and covers every aspects of digital post processing.  With this action set, you can start and create your digital masterpiece.

What is a photoshop action?
A photoshop action is a sequence of recorded steps made in photoshop. For example, it takes 10 steps for you to achieve the vintage look for your photograph. A photoshop action helps you to execute all 10 steps with just a click of a button. Hence, you don't have to repeat all 10 steps whenever you want to have that vintage look on your photos.

Why use photoshop action?
1. It saves time.
2. Easy to install and easy to use.
3. It helps to increase your productivity.
4. For photoshop beginners, you can learn some new techniques.

How many actions are there in ATNX Photoshop Actions pack?
For $25 you'll get 90 actions packed in 4 ATNX action sets.

Is it compatible with Mac OS?
Yes, it is. Tried and tested. Photoshop actions (.atn) are cross platform compatible.

Is it compatible with all versions of photoshop?
It is compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS2 or newer versions of the photoshopPrimary - 20 actions

Boost Contrast
Boost Contrast (Luminosity)
Boost highlights
Boost Midtones
Boost Shadows
Brightness (+)
Brightness (-)
Dodge & Burn
Even Highlights
Even Saturation
Fix Underexposure
Noise Reduction
Portrait Essentials
Retrieve Highlights
Retrieve Shadows
Sharpen (Details)
Sharpen (Edges)
Sharpen (LAB)
Soft focus
Soft Glow 3

Color - 17 actions

Bleach Bypass
Color Boost
Color Boost - Blue & Yellow
Color Boost - Green & Magenta
Cross process
Custom Toning - Highlights
Custom Toning - Midtones
Custom Toning - Shadows
Hand Painted
Matte Look
Muted Colors
Lab Mask
Quasi Sepia
Sun Shower

Mono - 26 actions

Preliminary - Filters
BNW - Asphalt
BNW - Cirrus
BNW - Cumulunimbus
BNW - Cumulus
BNW - Gray Area
BNW - Gray Matter
BNW - High Contrast
BNW - Infrared
BNW - Kurosawa
BNW - Metal
BNW - Newspaper
BNW - Pinhole
BNW - Urban Jungle
BNW - Silver
Brown - Choc Shake
Brown - Copper
Brown - Cuprum
Brown - Classic
Brown - Ginger
Brown - Praline
Brown - Mocha
Brown - Khakis
Brown - Latte
Brown - Red Oak

Special - 27 actions

Center Lighting
Light Leak - Exposed
Light Leak - Red Strip
Light Leak - Wave (Top)
Light Leak - Wave (Bottom)
Light Leak - Wave (Right)
Light Leak - Wave (Left)
Selective Focus (Linear)
Selective Focus (Radial)
Texture - Canvas
Texture - Cigarette Burns
Texture - Dirty Edges
Texture - Graze
Texture - Island 1
Texture - Island 2
Texture - Jute 1
Texture - Jute 2
Texture - Marble 1
Texture - Marble 2
Texture - Particles
Texture - Pinstripe
Texture - Scrapped
Texture - Scratches
Texture - Smear
Texture - Stripes
Texture - Weathered