Tuesday, March 25, 2014

NECCC Camera Club Spotlight Features Charter Oak Photographic Society, Inc.

NECCC Camera Club Spotlight Features Charter Oak Photographic Society, Inc.

Club Name:  Charter Oak Photographic Society, Inc.

Club Websitewww.charteroakphoto.com

Club Contact:  Ms. Gert Perry, Membership Chair at gertp@att.net.    A membership form can also be accessed on the club's website. 

Club Meeting Location:  Except for the monthly Board meeting, the club meets at the Elmwood Community Church, 26 Newington Road, West Hartford, CT. 

Club Meeting Times and Schedule:  The club meets on Mondays.  The club season begins on the last Monday in September and runs through the end of May.  The club does not meet in December.   The schedule of events can also be accessed on the club's website. 
  • ·        The Board meeting is held on the first Monday of the month (7:00 pm).
  • ·        Photo workshops are held on the second Monday of the month (7:15 pm).  Workshops for the current season addressed winter photography, mounting and framing prints, using iPhone or iPads in your workflow, Lightroom Develop Module, etc. 
  • ·        The third Monday of the month is the club's competition night (7:15 pm).
  • ·        The fourth Monday of the month is the club's monthly program (7:15 pm).  Programs for the current season were held on Landscape Photography, Vietnam, Member’s Mini Shows, etc. 

Club's Mission Statement:   "Charter Oak Photographic Society, Inc. exists to promote interest, enthusiasm and excellence in photography and to teach about photographic technique and equipment, serving the Greater Hartford area and beyond.  To achieve these ends, we hold regular meetings and forums, collecting and sharing information about photography, as well as organizing field trips where new skills and techniques can be put to use.  In addition, we hold regular photographic competitions as a learning experience and as an ongoing source of inspiration."

Number of Members:  About 110.

Camera Club History:  The club started in 1951 as a camera club dedicated to solely color slide photography: the Charter Oak Color Slide Association.  It has been in continuous operation since this 1951 inception.  The seventies saw the inclusion of a black and white print section, known as the “Hot Stove League.”  In 1978, because Color negative film and print technology had substantially improved, the club added a color print section to their competitions.  Recognizing the expanded interests in the new medium, the club renamed itself the Charter Oak Photographic Society in 1985.  The club continues to evolve and remains current with new technologies and interests.  In 2005, Charter Oak added digital imaging to its roster of programs.  Today, Charter Oak continues to boast of over 100 active members from across Connecticut.  It regularly sends its best work to the New England Camera Club Council competitions.    

Something About Club:  The Club strives to support and educate the photographic community in two ways:  (1) by presenting all-day seminars / workshops, given by top-notch professional photographers from around the country and (2) by holding all day teaching programs, by members for members, on various relevant topics or techniques.  

 Bandon Beach, Robert Cameron

Blue Rider, Jan Chambers

Himalayan Blue Poppies, Danielle D'Ermo

Lady Slipper, Norma Zackor

Mom & Pop on Apple Blossom, Audrey Weigold

Times Square at Night, Paula Fink

Storm Clouds, Pam Hastings

 Sea Lion and Pup, Laura Bryg