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NECCC Camera Club Spotlight Features: Gateway Camera Club

NECCC Camera Club Spotlight Features: Gateway Camera Club

Club Name:  Gateway Camera Club

Club contact (email address, phone number optional):  Nanda Hrul, NECCC  Representative,

Club Meeting Location: St. Andrew’s Church, 3 Maple Street, Framingham, MA 01702. We meet on Tuesday evenings of each month, from September through mid-June.

Club Mission Statement (if you have one, optional): 

Founded in 1962 and located in Framingham, Massachusetts, the Gateway Camera Club (GCC) is a socially vibrant organization with over 100 members. Beginners, intermediate, and advanced photographers come from all walks of life to use the common love of photography to explore photographic challenges, forge new friendships, and give voice to their creative juices. Establishing an enriching environment for everyone!

The frequent addition of new members has not only brought new ideas and energy, but has resulted in the discovery of some very cool styles and world views.

A rich series of programs and educational experiences are scheduled each year so that members are exposed to the latest and greatest. In fact, GCC has been at the forefront of digital photography, being the first club in our area to devote one meeting per month to the education of digital photography and post processing.

The challenge of monthly competitions continually keeps members fresh through self-learning, cross-sharing of knowledge and information, application of new techniques, and oftentimes, just through asking the simple question: How can I make this image better?
Number of members:  101 members

Year your camera club started:  1962

What is something about your club we might not know?

“Diverse…Dynamic…Innovative…” These are just some words that come to mind when describing the Gateway Camera Club. There is no better name to express the many terrific styles and topics that members enjoy photographing. Here are some examples that are at home in our club:
·         Andrea Gardner,  BECAUSE IT WAS THERE
“I just happened upon this marsh down in Provincetown. My goal was to shoot nature at sunset. However, when I saw the chair, it seemed to be a great design element, so I shot a series with the chair in the shot. Very happy with the concept and the execution.”

·         Nanda Hrul,  DRESSING FOR CARNEVALE
“As a Fine Art photographer, I spotlight the unique life traditions and rituals found around the world.  In “Dressing for Carnevale,” a young woman has chosen a beautifully imaginative costume to wear in her first public celebration.”

·         Sue Abrahamsen,  FANCY MUSHROOMS
“One of my recent favorites!”

·         Jean Schnell,  KEY WEST RELAXATION
“I enjoy doing contemplative photography that reflects the tranquility and sense of calm that I feel when I am viewing the scene.” 

·         Paul Smith,  NUBBLE LIGHT
“I have been photographing seriously for more than 20 years.  My main interests are in landscape, nature, and fine art nudes.”

·         Judy Brown, SPUD AT PROCTOR HILL FARM
"I'm very much interested in equine photography and in self portraits in black and white with hard, high contrast light. This image is one of my favorites for the style, but also because he's the horse I ride."

·         Bennett Green, STILL OF THE MORNING
“On an Adirondack lake early in the morning, loon chicks ride their mom's back for only a few days.”

·         Maggie Hsu, STROLLING BY HIMSELF
"Colorful banners line the narrow street of an ancient village in China."

·         Deboraj Das, THE FISHMONGER
“This image of a fishmonger at the Lake Market in Kolkata was taken during a visit to my native India at the end of 2013. Lake Market is one of the largest produce, meat and fish markets and I buy produce there every time I'm in Kolkata.

Three words that best describe your camera club (optional):  Diverse, Dynamic, Innovative

Favorite subject matter of your members (optional):  Open

Favorite field trip (optional): 
Many types of field trips are offered throughout the year. Members are constantly encouraged to explore unfamiliar venues as a way of strengthening their photographic skills.  

Because It Was There_Andrea Gardner

Dressing-For-Carnevale_Nanda Hrul_NECCC

Fancy Mushrooms_Sue Abrahamsen

Key West Relaxation_Jean Schnell

Nubble Light_Paul Smith

Spud at Proctor Hill Farm_Judy Brown

Still of the Morning_Bennett Green

Strolling-by-Himself_Maggie Hsu

The Fishmonger_Deboraj Das