Monday, April 21, 2014

Night photography at Woodlawn Cemetery

Night photography at Woodlawn Cemetery

Monday, May 5, 2014
5:00 PM to 10:45 PM
Woodlawn Cemetery
Jerome Avenue and Bainbridge Avenue Bronx, New York 10470, Bronx, NY 

We have special after hours access to Woodlawn Cemetery!

We will meet at Jerome Gate and then carpool up the the area where we will be photographing.  There will not be much walking involved. See things to bring below.

We will be photographing in the cemetery after dark. We will meet at the gate by 5pm and shoot until 10:45pm (we all have to be driving OUT of the gate by 11pm sharp).

This meeting is capped at 10 people total including Tom and I -- and the cemetery is very big so we will not be in each other's photographs.

This cemetery is similarly dynamic and grand as Sleepy Hollow, but they do not charge as much for access so we can pass that savings on to you. Note that the fees are higher for a May shoot than a February or November shoot because the sun sets later, hence the cemetery charges more in the "summer hours" than in the "winter hours" because they have to pay security and staff to stay longer because we want after dark access.

You will learn how to control the ambient light with your long exposures and the "local" light with your flashlight.

After it gets dark Tom and I will spend time helping you with camera settings and tips for long exposures, light painting etc. Tom and I will be shooting during this workshop, but with the long exposures there is LOTS of time for teaching. You will come away versed in night photography. You will learn the high ISO test shot, bulb mode, long exposures, light painting, etc.

Before it gets dark we will all photograph on our own and we can scout out where we want to photograph after it gets dark. We will be balancing the ambient light exposures with controlled light of our subjects.

Take exposures less than 30 seconds for pinpoint stars or for 1-10 minutes to capture some star trails, point your camera at the north star and get circular star trails (8-60 minute exposures); light the headstones, walk amongst them, be a ghost in your own image - the sky is the limit.

Check out our photographs from Woodlawn:

Things to Bring:
Camera that has bulb mode (you will be shooting for longer than 30 seconds); dSLR optimal
Sturdy tripod
Cable release (you will be shooting for more than 30 seconds so you need a cable release)
RED Flashlight (Walmart sells them or use red cellophane or red overheads from staples and tape). 
You MUST bring some sort of red flashlight (like this one) for your own vision. 
Bring a small white flashlight for light paining, but not for walking or checking camera settings. White flashlights interfere with your night vision, the night vision of others and can interferes with exposures. 
Check out some of our recommended flashlights here:
Small Maglight flashlight for light painting (gels optional for colored effects)
Water, Snack (there is a bathroom on the premises)
Sturdy shoes (hiking boots provide good ankle support) and appropriate outdoor clothing, fingerless gloves, hot hands, layers for cold weather.
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