Monday, April 28, 2014


Friday, July 11 (9am-Noon) workshops run concurrently, you cannot attend more than one
Participants in any workshop must be paid registrants for the Conference. Class size is limited. Register early. If paying by check please write separate checks for the Conference and for any one of the five pre-conference workshops. See Registrations instructions for workshop cancellation policy. See for expanded descriptions. Electrical outlets will be provided for power for those workshops requiring laptops. The fee for each workshop is $66.95. This includes a 3% UMass administrative fee.

WORKSHOP I: How to Make Your Images Look Better (not worse!) in Photoshop by Arthur Morris (FL)
Artie will discuss and demonstrate the techniques he uses every day to process his digital captures. His approach to Photoshop is a direct one; because he has so many images to process, his choice is to make the images look as good as possible in the shortest amount of time. Artie shows us how to maintain control of the image with the result of a natural-looking, pleasing image. The demonstration will include converting images from RAW, cropping and cloning, levels and hue/saturation adjustments in layers, correcting a colorcast, saving images, and sharpening images for use, as well as other topics. While some of these techniques are not compliant with PSA Nature competition rules, they can be useful to rescue an otherwise great image to make it a work of art to hang on the wall or for use in general competition. Every attendee will receive a copy, including future updates, of Arthur Morris/Birds as Art PDF “The Digital Basics File” ($25 value), a comprehensive set of notes and instruction for the digital editing workflow Artie follows. Prerequisite: No laptops are required for this workshop.

WORKSHOP II: Creative Filters & Effects Workshop by Denise Ippolito (NJ)
During this fun and inspiring workshop participants will learn a variety of the latest techniques that Denise uses to create one-of-a-kind works of art. She will demonstrate some of her creative filtering, effects and texturing tips as well as her favorite Photoshop Plug-ins.  Photoshop instruction includes how to selectively apply effects using layers and masks, how to easily apply texture overlays, and creative filtering using a variety of plug-ins including Nik Color Efex Pro, Topaz products, Alien Skin Snap Art 3, and Fractalius. The instructor will use Photoshop CS6 to demonstrate the techniques, but any version of Photoshop that has layers and masks is suitable.  Prerequisite: Bring your laptop with Photoshop and plug-ins installed. Instructions to download textures and plug-ins will be provided prior to the workshop.

WORKSHOP III: Black and White Conversion in Photoshop: A Vision-Driven Approach
by A. Cemal Ekin (RI)
Black and White photography requires different sensibilities and different tools. There are many different ways to convert a digital photograph to a B&W. Some prefer to use additional plugins, yet Photoshop offers powerful tools to do the conversion. In this workshop we will explore B&W aesthetics and you will learn some Photoshop techniques that offer flexibility, tonal control, color toning, and not based on additional plugins or software. Participants should be reasonably familiar with Photoshop layers and should have a version of Photoshop installed on their laptops. Some actions and files will be provided before the workshop.

WORKSHOP IV: Making Time-lapse Movies by Joe LeFevre (NY) (INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED LEVEL)
In this workshop you will first learn important field techniques and camera settings for shooting time-lapse sequences. Then, working together, you will process a set of images using Adobe Lightroom, and make the corresponding movie using QuickTime 7 Pro.  We will end the workshop with a brief look at a powerful software program called LRTimelapse.  Images from one of Joe’s time-lapse sequences will be provided for you on a disk, along with program notes. Come learn how to add motion to your stills using this compelling technique.  Prerequisite: Bring a laptop with a copy of Lightroom 4 or 5 installed, along with QuickTime 7 Pro ($29.99 at, and LRTimelapse (free download for up to 400 images at You must have experience with the Development Module in Lightroom.

WORKSHOP V: Get the Best Images from your Mobile Device by Jerry Hug (IL)
In this workshop you will learn how to take better photos with your iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch with cameras, and Smart Phones. Jerry will take the workshop through shooting techniques to get better photos, and then teach how to get the best results when editing photos on their mobile devices. Prerequisite: Bring your mobile device with Snapseed and Camera Awesome apps downloaded in advance of the workshop.

Antoinette Gombeda will notify you by email ( of specific information regarding your preconference workshop by the first week in July.

PRE-CONFERENCE PORTFOLIO REVIEW (40 minute individual sessions) Friday July 11, 2014 (9am-noon)

This is your opportunity to have up to 15 images (prints and/or digital) reviewed by one of New England’s top photographers/judges. Reviewers include William Barnett MPSA, MNEC, AFIAP; Jacob Mosser, FPSA, MPSA, HonNEC; Sarah Musumeci, MNEC; Daniel Charbonnet, FPSA, MNEC, and Shiv Verma, APSA, MNEC. The cost is $41.40 per 40 minute session which includes the 3% UMASS administrative fee. In the session, the participant can discuss his/her work on an individual basis.  If you sign up for this service, a confirmation form will be sent to you June 25th.  On this form you will indicate you first and second choice of reviewer and indicate whether you will bring prints, digital images or both. You must return the form by July 2nd.  You will then be contacted via email with the time slot and room number of the reviewer to whom you have been assigned. All efforts will be made to accommodate your first choice.  

Please note this activity takes place at the same time as the other five pre-conference workshops. If paying by check write a separate check for the portfolio review.
Susan Mosser(  will be notifying you about the portfolio reviews