Monday, July 7, 2014




Rob Van Petten (RI) Think Outside the Soft Box

This is a 90 minute demonstration designed to build your confidence in studio and location lighting with a variety of lighting tools. Beyond the safety of the soft box there is a menu of lighting options that give your lighting mood, dramatic effects, and individual style. You will learn the use of a variety of light modifiers separately and in combinations. Rob will demonstrate building a rhythm of light zones - light dynamics - made easy with a live model demonstration. The class is divided into 3 parts: The Show – Rob begins by discussing the use of a variety of light tailoring devices with studio flash and incandescent lights, The Demo – Rob demonstrates the use of a variety of lighting devices. This involves a quick lighting demo using studio flash, incandescence, ring flash, gels and shooting with the correct white balance and using an X-Rite color checker for a consistent reference. The Shoot – Rob will show you how he uses a variety of lighting techniques with a live model in the studio.
(Sponsored by Dynalite and Nikon) (I, A, 90 min)


Essdras Suarez (MA) Through the Eyes of a Photojournalist

A look at the world around us through the lens of Pulitzer Prizewinner photographer Essdras M Suarez as he covered local, regional and international stories during his two decades as a shooter. From the Columbine Massacre, to Iraq war, to the Indonesia Tsunami, to the Crossing Divides project, a series of journeys between countries to document daily life in far and nearby places, and many more. (Sponsored by Nikon) (B, I, A, 90 min)


Ivan Rothman (NY) I’m Alive!

This program is a celebration of wildlife from around the world highlighting the diversity, the beauty and the vitality of these magnificent creatures. Creatures of every size and type from North America, Iceland, Japan, the Falkland and Galapagos Islands, the Arctic and the North Atlantic Ocean, Costa Rica and seven African countries are presented with an uplifting and spiritual musical theme. (60 min)