Tuesday, July 8, 2014



(Friday Evening – one time only)

David FitzSimmons (OH) Building a Successful and Profitable Photography Business

“Entrepreneur” and “Photographer”—two words that in today’s business world must go together to be successful in the photographic world. Learn what it means to build a successful, goal-oriented, and inspired business that highlights entrepreneurship and creative photography. Hear stories of what works and what doesn’t as David narrates his twenty-year journey in the visual field. See examples of projects that succeed, resources to take you to the next level, and ways to leverage one success to another. www.fitzsimmonsphotography.com (Sponsored by Sigma)

Denise Ippolito (NJ) and Arthur Morris (FL) Creating Pleasing Blurs

Pleasing blurs are rarely happy accidents…. This program will cover the great variety of techniques that can be used to create pleasingly blurred images mostly in-camera in the field, and at times, during post-processing. Topics that will be discussed and illustrated include pan blurs, vertical pan blurs, zoom blurs, camera movement blurs including flames and jiggles, flash blurs, and subject movement blurs including moving water blurs, long exposure blurs. They will discuss the need for accurate focusing, managing your ISO settings, creating in-camera multiple exposures, the importance of subject to film plane orientation, the role of neutral density and polarizing filters when creating pleasing blurs, your choice of shutter speeds, and how subject to sensor distance affects the degree of blurring. With the advent of digital photography and the popularity of intentionally blurred images in prestigious nature photography competitions, more and more folks are enjoying the challenges and rewards of creating pleasing blurs. Whether you photograph birds, wildlife, and flowers or people, street scenes, or landscapes, this is one program that you do not want to miss if you would like to learn to unleash your creativity. Join top nature photography professionals Denise Ippolito (www.deniseippolito.com) and Arthur Morris (www.BIRDSASART-blog.com), co-authors of the hugely popular eBook, “A Guide to Pleasing Blurs,” as they present their slide-illustrated lecture, “Creating Pleasing Blurs.” (Arthur Morris is Sponsored by Canon) (B, I, A, 90 min)

Deborah Sandidge (FL) Infrared Photography - the World of Invisible Light

Infrared photography will expand your photographic horizons. It offers the photographer an alternative way to "tell the story" creating an image that is more surreal and enchanting than possible in color. Various subjects reflect and absorb infrared light differently than in color. The results may surprise you! Leaves from trees such as maples, are highly reflective of infrared light and are recorded as white by the digital camera and infrared filter. Clouds become wonderfully expressive and often the sky is quite dark, both key features of an infrared image. Infrared light also creates a flawless porcelain look to skin. This is why infrared photography is so attractive to wedding photographers. The way that infrared light is absorbed and reflected by various surfaces works beautifully to create a compelling image. Join author Deborah Sandidge as she guides you through creative techniques for photographing and post processing beautiful infrared imagery. www.deborahsandidge.com (Sponsored by Nikon) (I, 90 min)


Barbara Ellison Alternative Printing

Creating your image is just the beginning. Printing is the completion. Barbara will discuss substrate choices – from the traditional inkjet papers to the alternatives including wood, metal and silk. She will discuss the options for showing your work, from small art books to mixed media pieces. Making the right choice in printing can set your work apart from other artists and complete your vision. (B, I, A 90 min)

Michael Sheras Canon Basic Speedlite Course 
This one-hour course will start with the basics of why you want to use flash and how flash can improve your photographs. We will explain how the speedlite works, covering the manual, basic E and advanced ETTL flash modes. We will also explore how to set your Canon speedlite in single flash and wireless multi-flash modes. Finally, we will talk about and demonstrate both the traditional Canon infrared wireless system and the new Canon radio transmit system featuring the new Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT. (B, I, A 90 min)


Bob Watts What's New in Nikon.

Nikon Teaching Presentation: Title to be announced

Tamron Teaching Program : Not yet announced.

CAMERA CLUB SPARKLE with Antoinette Gombeda, APSA, HonNEC (CT)
“Meet-up" with us for our Camera Club Sparkle discussion on the ever growing list of Meet-Up groups. We will discuss their impact on camera clubs, as a camera club, form of attracting new members, springboard for field trips and meeting other photography enthusiasts.