Friday, March 31, 2017

Lee Varis' 10-Channel Workflow Online Now

Many of you went to Lee's class on the "Lee Varis' 10-Channel Workflow" at the 2016 NECCC conference. Here is an online course on it!

Lee Varis

10-Channel Workflow

The Online Course is available now!

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Take your photography to the next level with the radical new image enhancement techniques that leverage the power of the 10 channels of the three color workspaces in Photoshop: RGB, Lab, and CMYK !  Create color and tone enhancements that go beyond what is possible through ordinary corrective techniques, and make your images extraordinary. Lee Varis' online course walks you through the process in a series of step-by-step projects that include all source files. Designed for Photoshop CC, but applicable in Photoshop CS6—9 projects with over 5 hours of video instruction!
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