Thursday, August 17, 2017

first-time attendee this year

Hi! I just signed up for the NECCC News Blog and saw your call for attendee experiences. I was a first-time attendee this year. I have a travel blog where I posted my experience:


Alison M. Doherty

"NECCC consisted of different talks on various photographic topics, such as photographing water, landscape photography, and bird photography. My favorite presentations were the keynote, “The Art of Seeing” by Bryan F. Peterson and “Shooting for the Story” by Bob Krist. Peterson is a great storyteller and really funny! One take away from his presentation was to not be afraid of using F22. Many photographers steer clear of this f stop because of light infractions. His point was, why would every camera company add an F Stop of 22 if it is not to be used? He showed examples of the photographic quality one can get when using the stop correctly. Bob Krist, who photographs travel stories for National Geographic, discussed the ingredients for photographing a place. As you can imagine this was right up my alley. He illustrated his points with photographic examples and memorable stories. He also touched on videography with DSLRs.

The weekend included free cleaning for my camera body and lenses, photo opportunities with indoor and outdoor model shoots, still life, dark field glassware practice, and macro floral and insect photography. Another conference highlight was the motorcycle stunt jumper show by the Boston FMX Freestyle Motocross Team. I don’t typically photograph things in motion so it was fun to experiment with a different subject.

If you’re interested in photography I highly recommend NECCC. "