Friday, July 1, 2011

Canon at the Summer Conference

The Conference committee has just received additional details on Canon's participation in the Summer Conference. They will be providing a printer to print participants images and have scheduled several very interesting presentations.

Canon has announced they will have a printer available at their table to make prints for conference attendees. If you wish to  take advantage of this offer, please bring one or two images to the conference  on a CD or Thumb Drive in JPEG or Tiff Format and visit Canon in the Campus  Center vendors area on the first floor at the bottom of the  escalator.

In addition they have confirmed that they will be presenting the following lectures during the Conference:

Saturday, 10am, CC917
Intro to the Theory and Operation of Canon Speedlights
Presenters: Michael Sheras and Paul McAniff
They will discuss how flash itself works and how ETTL flash works. They will go over the features of the Canon EX Speedlights and how to set the flash and camera to get the most from your flash system. They will also cover basic multiple flash operation and how to set your EX Speedlights correctly. They will also discuss several common flash problems and how to solve them.

Saturday, 2pm, CC163
Intro to HDSLR Video
Presenter Diana Bowe
Diana will give an overview of the Canon HDSLR Video system and will cover the basics of how to shoot video, as well as some tips and tricks of how to setup the camera and the basics of how to edit the footage.  Diana will show you how the Pros in Hollywood are using the Canon cameras to shoot for major production in both Television and the Motion Picture Industry.

Sunday, 10 am, CC917
Canon Q and A
Presenters: Diana Bowe, Paul McAniff, Michael Sheras
Representatives will discuss the newest Canon products and answer your questions.