Monday, July 9, 2012

NECCC photographers are invited to consider a photo "audience expansion" opportunity.

The producers of “At-Hand Guides”, top-rated New England iPhone/iPad travel guides, has opportunities for photos.

Photographers get the following benefits:
            - Expanded Internet presence
            - Gain international exposure
            - Demonstrate skills to a broad audience
            - Direct viewers to their image portfolios and messages
            - Receive new attention from potential clients

Accepted photos get a watermarked text attribution on every photograph.  Photographer chooses exact text. The publisher, At-Hand Apps, LLC,  provides a micro-bio and link to a photographer’s web site from the main app’s support web site.

At-Hand Guides has used over 7,000 images to date and will need another 7,000 over the next 12-18 months. 

Editors are interested in images of both well-traveled and lessor-know destinations.  NECCC attendees may already have taken pictures that can be used.  There are also available assignments at places photographers may wish to visit (or re-visit).  At-Hand Guides images have three distinct purposes:  1. Document the likely visitor experience, 2.) Showcase the architecture of the destination, and 3.) Find art and beauty everywhere.

Interested photographers may learn more at:  or 1-617-416-0390. The app web site is: which provides an overview of the travel apps.