Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Water Drop Workshop with Susan Candelario June 9th

Come to an amazing waterdrop workshop on Sunday June 9th -- be introduced to the exciting world of water drops! The workshop will take you from simple water drops to different colored water collisions, allowing you to get many breathtaking images. No equipment is necessary, as we will provide it for you! All you need is a CF card to attend this workshop. Led by Susan Candelario, she will guide you to some of the equipment that you can use from the basic to more advanced with the ability for you to capture the many phases of water drops as well as water drop collisions. They will cover tips on setups and lighting and every participant will get many chances to go home with their own liquid works of art! Check out some of Susan's high speed photos here: Cost is $75 and no previous experience is necessary. Workshop will be held in Stratford CT. Session #1 -- Sunday June 9th 10am-12pm, limited to 10 participants (5 people per station) and Session #2 -- Sunday June 9th 1pm-3pm, limited to 10 participants (5 people per station)