Friday, August 15, 2014

NECCC Conference print competition

Here is the report for the NECCC Conference print competition, plus a guide / caption sheet for the medal winners in color and B&W.

NECCC 69th annual conference print competition

2014 Annual Conference Print Competition
        Reported by Arthur S. Vaughan, MNEC, Chairman, NECCC Print Competition

The annual B&W and Color print competitions were held at the 69th NECCC Conference in Amherst on Saturday, July 12, 2014. A total of 92 color and 77 black & white prints were entered. The number of prints submitted was down a bit from last year’s conference totals of 107 color and 88 B&W. Despite the slightly lower total, the judging and medal winner selection process took nearly three hours to complete.

Judges for this competition were Tom Cuchara, MNEC, Jerry Hug, APSA, and Sarah Musumeci, MNEC. The displaying and scoring process to determine which prints became part of the “final fifteen” for medal consideration took just under an hour for each division. Selection of the Honor Award and medal winning prints in both categories took an additional 45 minutes, with the competition wrapping up about 4 PM with the selections for judge’s choice. As usual, there was a great deal of “lively discussion” between the judges in selecting the prints to receive the various medals, and all thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon. Their enthusiasm, effort, and commitment to serve as members of our 69th conference print judging panel is greatly appreciated. The work performed by all the members of the 2014 conference print competition committee is also greatly appreciated. Sharing print room and competition duties this year were Richard Cox, Glenn and Jane Guaraldi, MNEC’s, Susan Hall, Gary and Judi Hoyt, John Lowe, MNEC, Dave Powell, Barbara Soghigian, and Valerie Whittier. Without their commitment to share the work in the print room, holding a competition would be extremely difficult, if not impossible.

Special thanks must go to all the members of the equipment committee who did a great job of getting the Cape Cod Room rigged up as our new venue for the conference print competition. Never having set up in this location, there were early doubts regarding the suitability of this space for displaying the large number of prints submitted and holding the competition in the same room. As it turned out, the new location couldn’t have been any better. Prints displayed on long rows of racks parallel with the high intensity ceiling lighting looked great. The lighting was uniform, with no dark corners anywhere in the room. Having plenty of table space at the competition end of the room, plus the convenience of not having to transport prints back and forth between two rooms as in past years, really made the task of print handling easier to manage. There was plenty of space to accommodate the mob of visitors who appeared after the fine arts program Saturday evening.

Finally, thanks go to all the folks who took the time and effort to submit their prints. The entire print operation is totally dependent upon the enthusiastic participation of the conference attendees. It’s very satisfying to know that each year we can count on a legion of print makers to fill our display racks with prints that will both challenge our judges, and serve as a great “gallery show” for visitors.

Listed below are the awards assigned for this year’s Conference Print Competition.

Black & White:

Best of Show (Conference Competition Winner)
High Country Aspen grove, by Ron Wybranowski, Merrimack Valley Camera Club                                                                                      
Special Categories (B&W Only)

Willem Pannebaker Award  (Best Still Life)
Orchid, by Merrill Raikes, Pioneer Valley Photographic Artists
John Vondell Memorial Award (Best Landscape)
John’s Tree, by Pat Walsh, South Shore CC (NY)
William J. Barrett Memorial Award (Best Nature)
High Country Aspen grove, by Ron Wybranowski, Merrimack Valley Camera Club
Douglas H. Wanser Memorial Award (Best Portrait)
Master Woodcarver, by Ralph Lebel, Photographers Forum CC
Claude C. Sibley Memorial Award (Best Seascape)
Sand Dunes Sunset, by Rick Tyrseck, Flagpole Photographers


Best of Show (Conference Competition Winner)
Bass Harbor After Dark, by Glenn A. Guaraldi, Merrimack Valley CC
Yankee Photographic Society Gold Medals

(Judges Choice, Color Only)
Judge: Tom Cuchara, MNEC            Baby Elf, by Trudy Runyan, Lindenhurst CC
Judge: Jerry Hug, APSA                   On The Heath, by Lawrence Cohen, Mid-Hudson CC                      
Judge: Sarah Musumeci, MNEC          Snowy Apparition, by Doug James, Westfield, MA                                                                                    
Connecticut Association of Photographers Gold Medals
(Selected Categories, color only)
Best Creative       On The Heath, by Lawrence Cohen, Mid-Hudson CC
Best Landscape    Fog Cloud Upriver, by Beth Fabey, Bowie-Crofton CC
Best Seascape       Bass Harbor After Dark, by Glenn A. Guaraldi, Merrimack Valley CC

Honor Award Blue Ribbon Winners (Medal Round)

Black & White:

Title                                           Maker                            Club
Coming Through                                  Joe Drapeau                              Manchester CC
John’s Tree                                           Pat Walsh                                 South Shore CC (NY)
Orchid                                                  Merrill Raikes                           Pioneer Valley Phot. Artists
Snowy Egret Reflection                        Danielle D’Ermo                       Charter Oak Phot. Soc.
High Country Aspen Grove                   Ron Wybranowski                    Merrimack Valley CC
The Old Church                                   Austin Carey                              Charter Oak Phot. Soc.
Master Woodcarver                               Ralph Lebel                              Photographers Forum CC
32 Roadster                                          Gary Hoyt                                Merrimack Valley CC
A Different View                                  Richard Reynolds                      Stony Brook CC                  
Sand Dunes Sunset                               Rick Tyrseck                             Flagpole Photographers
Bethesda Terrace                                  Richard Kunsch                         Milford CC
High Plains                                           Dennis Yates                            Candlewood CC
Pensive                                                 Julie L’Heuraux                     Nashoba Valley PC
Blacksmith                                           Eric Petsching                          Oxford, MA
Alone Before The Storm                       James Weidenfeller                   Hockomock Digital Photog.                                                                                                                      

Title                                           Maker                            Club
Egret                                                    Diane Robertson                       Stony Brook CC
Snowy Apparition                                 Doug James                              Westfield, MA
Bass Harbor After Dark                         Glenn Guaraldi                         Merrimack Valley CC
On The Heath                                       Lawrence Cohen                       Mid-Hudson CC
Cloudy Sunrise                                     Rick Tyrseck                             Flagpole Photographers
Fog Cloud Upriver                                Beth Fabey                               Bowie-Crofton CC
Cara Mia                                              Madeline Duval                         Springfield Phot. Soc.
Piping Plover & Babies                         Sandy Selesky                           Nashoba Valley PC
Florida Sunset                                      Judi Hoyt                                 Merrimack Valley CC
Green Hermit Hummingbird                 Cathy DesRochers                    Cranford, NJ
Nubble Light After The Storm              Joe Drapeau                              Manchester CC
Tarantula In Attack Posture                  Richard Novak                          Springfield Phot. Soc.
Traveling Clouds & Tree                       Richard Kunsch                         Milford CC
A Losing Battle                                    Cindy Gosselin                         Charter Oak Phot. Soc.
Red Umbrella                                       Tom Noonan                            East Falmouth, MA