Saturday, January 24, 2015

Greater Lynn Model Shoot -

Greater Lynn Model Shoot

The Model Committee has determined that the January 25 shoot will proceed as planned. The Model Committee has spent parts of Friday and Saturday preparing for Sunday’s Model Shoot. We are all set and are looking forward to meeting you tomorrow. Please remember, the shoot will take place between 10:00 A.M. and 3:00 P.M. Finally, please read the following paragraph and keep the points of contention in mind during the shoot.

There are a several issues that need to be talked about before the second shoot. First, the desire of photographers to stand on a chair in order to gain a different perspective is unexcitable. The chair is meant to be sat on and step ladders are meant to increase a person’s height. We place two step ladders near the full length sets and we want you to use them if you intend to change the angle of your shot. Second, we discourage the use of mono-pods, but if you must use one to prevent camera shake you  need to remember that  there are about 25 or more people near you and it will create a problem if one of them is tripped or speared by your mono-pod. In regard to tripods they are not allowed. Lastly, the use of a personal ,”Pocket Wizard,” during the first shoot caused a bit of confusion about separate lighting sets flashing when a photographer was not ready to shoot. Please, if you absolutely must use your own, “Pocket Wizard,” we must insist that you turn your Pocket Wizard off when it is not being used. PLEASE USE OURS.
The Model Committee