Tuesday, April 14, 2015

NECCC winter interclub print competition

Here are the images that received 1st place in the NECCC winter interclub print competition

Winter 2015 Inter-club Print Competition 1st Place images

Winter B&W Prints, Class A, 1st Place, 23 pts,  “Authentic”, by Yair Melamed, Boston Camera Club

Winter Color Prints, 1st Place, 24 pts, “Honfleur Evening Reflections”, by Kevin Fay, Springfield Photographic Society

Winter Color Prints, 1st Place, 24 pts, “The Dancer”, by Erik Landegren, Flagpole Photographers

Winter B&W Prints, Class B, 1st Place, 23 pts,  “The Storekeeper”, by Robert Smith,
Whaling City Camera Club

Winter Color Prints, 1st Place, 24 pts, “West Thumb Sunrise #3”, by Rick Cloran, Greater Lynn Photographic Association

Winter 2015 Inter-club Print Competition
Reported by Arthur S. Vaughan, MNEC

NECCC Print Chairman 

The winter 2015 inter-club print competition, hosted by the Candlewood Camera Club, was held on Tuesday, February 24th at Hatter’s Park Hall in Danbury, CT. The judges for this competition were: Maria Fuller, Bill Marcy, and Brad Stanton. Maria Fuller has an on location photography studio located in Fairfield County, Connecticut, and specializes in documenting the many stages of motherhood. Bill Marcy is a Past President of Candlewood Camera Club, and Brad Stanton has an advertising, commercial, and industrial photography studio in Danbury, CT. Many thanks go to the Candlewood Camera Club for taking on the task of hosting this competition, and especially to each member of its NECCC interclub competition support team: Donna Cloutier, Tom Peterson, Kevin Rabito, Candi Valeri, and Dennis Yates. Many thanks for a job well done.

This winter has been one for the record books, with many clubs having to cancel and reschedule meetings multiple times. For any New England organization, a calendar of events having dates falling between Halloween and Easter, always poses the risk of having one or more “snow events” upset the schedule. Clubs that meet weekly probably have a better shot at making adjustments... working around snowstorms, than clubs meeting less frequently. Candlewood has bi-weekly meetings, and did well to work the winter competition into their schedule for February. One obvious “fix” would be to run the cycle of interclub print competitions so that competitions aren’t held in any month that snow is likely to fall. This might be practical if we were a Florida organization, but we’re not. Another possibility, dropping the winter competition and going with just fall and spring events, would lessen the overall interclub print competition “experience”, and significantly reduce the number of prints eligible for entry into the annual Print of the Year competition. The best option is to continue with winter competitions, and hope that when Mother Nature schedules her snow events, they fall only on weekends. 

For the winter competition a total of 168 prints were submitted...  48 in class “A”, 32 in class “B”, and 88 in Color. Participating were 22 clubs...  12 in class “A”, 9 in class “B”, and 22 in Color. A total of 30 prints received awards...  11 in class “A”, 6 in class “B” and 13 in Color. Clubs that submitted less than their full allotment of four color and four B&W prints, or that missed the winter competition entirely, are encouraged to submit make-up prints along with their regular submissions for the spring competition, to be hosted by the Greater Lynn Photographic Association in Lynn, MA on Saturday, May 9, 2015. Deadline for print submissions is May 2nd. These are new dates, the competition having to be rescheduled due to foul weather forcing the move of the winter competition. Please note: Any print placing third or above in the spring competition (eligible for the print of the year competition) will be held for the P.O.Y. competition.