Wednesday, August 12, 2015

“Mastering Digital Capture” : Presented by Michael Milicia

We are very pleased to offer “Mastering Digital Capture” taught by renown bird photographer and educator, Michael Milicia.  This course begins October 22 and runs for five consecutive Thursday evenings at our location in Bedford (MA) at 16 South Road in Old Town Hall.  Thanks for any help you can provide in getting the word out to NECCC members.

Bob Bass,
Director, Bedford Center for the Arts Photo Group


Class size is limited.  Registration ($215) is at . FMI contact 

Mastering Digital Capture : Presented by Michael Milicia 

This workshop is aimed at photographers of any level of experience who are not yet completely comfortable with the technical aspects of digital image capture.  Photography has always been a blend of art and technology but the digital world has heightened the role of technology at every step in the process from image capture to post-processing to printing.  Mastery of the technical side will enable you to better realize your creative vision and start taking your imagery to the next level.

The classroom presentations will start with basic concepts and slowly build on them in a step by step manner to provide an in-depth treatment of many of the key aspects of digital imaging technology.  This approach makes the workshop useful for beginners as well as for more experienced photographers who do not yet feel they are in complete command in the digital world.  To further enhance the learning process, questions will also be welcome and encouraged throughout.

 We will start with some of the basic concepts of digital technology.  You will learn what is contained in a RAW image file, how ISO is implemented with digital capture, the causes of noise and ways to minimize it at capture time, and how on-camera histograms are built and how to interpret them. A conceptual understanding of the underlying digital technology will enable you to make better and more informed choices in the field to obtain maximum image quality.  We will also discuss how to best utilize various camera features which are unique to digital capture such as live view, picture styles, and white balance.

 Given this foundation in digital technology, we will move on to cover exposure which is a critical ingredient for maximizing image quality.   You will learn the underlying theory as well as the various tools that are at your disposal to allow you to consistently come up with the perfect exposure.  You will gain the confidence needed to shoot in manual mode as well as in the various auto-exposure modes and the knowledge needed to determine the optimal method for a given situation.

 Workshop topics will include :

            Digital sensor basics
            ISO implementation for digital
            RAW vs. jpeg
            Image Noise
            Histograms : Luminance vs. RGB
            Crop Factor
            Uses for Live View
            Camera settings and customization
            Incident metering
            Reflective metering
            Tone vs. Color
            Metering patterns
            Exposure modes
            Exposure Compensation
            Manual Mode
            Exposing for highlight and shadow detail
            "Expose to the right" methodology