Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Portraits, Unplugged with Bobbi Lane & Lee Varis

Learn how to engage your subjects, use natural light and come away with dynamic portraits, 

Portraits, Unplugged with Bobbi Lane & Lee Varis

Portraits, Unplugged with Bobbi Lane & Lee Varis
Working with Natural Light to Make Flattering & Dynamic Portraits
Sat & Sun October 15th & 16th, 9am-6pm
Hunt’s Photo, Melrose, MA

Recommended Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of cameras
Class Level: Beyond Basic

Portraits Unplugged is all about natural light, nothing technical or mechanical. Bobbi teaches you how to find and work with natural light to make flattering and dynamic portraits of any subject. The beauty of available light is its ability to describe your subject from powerful and strong to soft and creamy. We scout locations for the light and we look for options that can surprise us with its complexity as well as find the simple and clean look for smooth skin tones.
UnpluggedHunts-7114The most important part of our photograph is not the subject, but how we, as visual artists, choose to define our subject. We work on capturing the essence of the people by the use of posing, expressions, tonality, composition, color, backgrounds and props. Bobbi shows you how to work with all kinds of light: hard, soft, bounced, window, “garage door”, reflected, diffused, etc. Our only tools are reflectors and diffusers and we use them to manipulate the light effectively.

Lee will take the captured images to the next level with Lightroom and Photoshop enhancement techniques on skin for quick fixes and complete makeovers that don’t require special artistic talent, but instead utilize the power inherent in the basic software without extra plug-ins or extensions.

This workshop will raise your level of awareness and help you be a better natural light photographer.

Students must be familiar with their cameras and lenses. A medium telephoto lens if suggested.

Course Outline
Two days, 9-6

9 am: Class overview, student intros, image presentation and shooting demos with reflectors and diffusers
12-1: Break for lunch
1 pm: Scouting locations for backgrounds and scenes. Models arrive and prepare
1:30- 5:30: students photograph models in different natural light situations including headshots, ¾ and full length.
5:30 -6 wrap up

9 am: Review previous day and answer questions, models arrive and prepare
9:30- 1 Students photograph models in a new location
1-2 pm: Break for lunch
2-5:30: Review images, works on computers with images to color correct, manage files, retouching in Lightroom and Photoshop.
5:30- 6: Wrap up, answer final questions