Monday, November 13, 2017

Canon Explorer of Light Darrell Gulin will present "VISION: capturing moments on all 7 continents" as the Keynote program at the 73rd Annual NECCC Photo Conference

Canon is sponsoring Canon Explorer of Light Darrell Gulin
who will present "VISION: capturing moments on all 7 continents" as the Keynote program at the 73rd Annual NECCC Photo Conference July 13, 14,15 2018

Come on a visual journey with Darrell Gulin as he presents "VISION: capturing moments on all 7 continents".  Darrell is one of Canon’s ‘Explorer of Light’ photographers, a title given to a select group of world class photographers who are chosen to share their passion, photographs, and expertise with the world. Traveling to All Seven Continents, Darrell will show photographs and tell us stories from all seven continents, and will tell how he captured these images. When traveling your vision develops first before you even leave your home by: research, who you are, developed style and developing style. Out in the field capturing the moment as you see it.  We will travel to all 7 Continents and show the Icons, moments, light, with Darrel's vision. Darrell has traveled the globe, from Antarctica and Africa to Asia and Europe, capturing rare and exquisite moments in nature, lions on the prowl, monkeys in hot springs, polar bears on ice flows, penguins and zebras oh my. He also enjoys the people and architecture with images from the Venice Carnival and the Great Wall of China.

Darrell will also be holding a pre-conference breakout session on Friday July 13th "My Backyard"
Darrell says that "I travel the world but 40% of my sales always are things from my home/backyard photography."

About Darrell Gulin: Darrell has been photographing for over 36 years, marketing his work for the last 34 years and has been a full-time Nature/Travel Photographer for the last 22 years. He markets his work through Stock Agencies, Editorial Markets, Photography Workshop/Tours, Seminars and Speaking Engagements. His work is represented by GettyImages, Danita Delimont Agency, DRK Photo, and Super Stock Agency. He is one of Canon's Explorer of Light Photographers.  He is the past President of the North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA). He has been their keynote speaker and has led many workshops and programs at their Annual Summits. His photographs have been published in: Outdoor Photographer Newsweek, National Geographic, Audubon, National Wildlife, Birder's World, Sunset, Nature Conservancy, Popular Photography, Natures Best and many more.  He has been showcased in almost every major nature calendar including: Audubon, Inner Reflection, Sierra Club, Kodak, Browntrout, Cedo, Nature Conservancy, Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund, and Day Dream. He is an accomplished speaker/teacher whose credits are too numerous to mention. Also, Darrell was featured on Five Canon Photo Safari television programs where he taught actors/actresses to photograph in the field. He leads the Gulin/Ken & Lydia Strange Workshops as well as Joe Van Os Photo Safaris. He travels around the world capturing special moments photographically. You can learn more about Darrell and his images at