Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Hot off the press, new photos from Keynote speaker Darrell Gulin

Hot off the press, photo from NECCC 2018 Keynote speaker Canon Explorer of Light Darrell Gulin

Darrell is in Hawaii right now and wanted to share some brand new photographs...

In addition to the keynote presentation Darrell is also leading a pre-conference session: "My Backyard - 3 C's Colorful, Creative, Conceptual" by Keynote speaker and Canon Explorer of Light Darell Gulin http://gulinphoto.com Sponsored by Canon "I travel the world but 40% of my sales always are things from my home/backyard photography."  For all Skill Levels  http://neccc14.neccc.org/2018_conf/Preconference%20workshops.pdf


NECCC 2018 Photography Conference Presenter Spotlight: Keynote speaker and Canon Explorer of Light Darrell Gulin (WA) Sponsored by Canon