Thursday, May 9, 2019

Join us May 13th at the New Haven Camera Club for "Infrared Photography: Beyond the visible spectrum" by Melvin Guante

Join us May 13th at the New Haven Camera Club for "Infrared Photography: Beyond the visible spectrum" by Melvin Guante

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Infrared Photography: Beyond the visible spectrum

IR Photography is mysterious as it is awe inspiring. It elicits such a wide-ranging response as spooky and eerie to ethereal and surreal. It gives you as much creative liberty as you desire. When done well, you will produce images that will take your breath away.

We will discuss briefly about what is IR, from definition to history to application. Next, we will cover how to get started. The different option available to you and the cost associated with each one. Following the pro and cons of Conversion vs external filters. We will cover the science behind IR so we can make unpredictability a little more predictable. We will go over the different nm, and the expected results of each to help your creative process.

We will look at how IR is use in portrait, fashion and wedding photography. Also, how to add IR to your Fine Art capture of Landscape images.

Finally, we will go over the Post Processing. We will discuss step by step the different software and use for each to make your stunning breath-taking masterpiece.

Come and together we will take this magical ride that is IR Photography!

Since an early age, I was fascinated by The Arts. I looked at my uncle in amazement as he played with his enormously huge and shiny new camera. It had all the bells and whistles. It was then that I knew I wanted to be a photographer.
While in High School, my art teacher inspired my creativity and did not allow me to settle for the ordinary and encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone, so I could be more innovative. I went on to drawing, painting and making clay sculptures that were exhibited in a year-end art displays. She taught me patience and perseverance. In college, I was exposed to African Art which led me to explore and immerse myself in everything it had to offer. This had a profound lifelong influence on my work.
I am a passionate photographic artist, with an Associate Degree in Liberal Arts. I currently an active member on the Board of The Professional Photographers of Massachusetts (PPAM), currently President. I hold a Craftsman, and a certification degree, CR Photog, CPP, by PPA. I have the honor of serving as PPA Council member and Liaison for the CPP program for MA.