Saturday, November 2, 2019

Workshop at Old Car City, the Lindale Denim Factory, and SouthEastern RR museum

Join us November 22nd-25th for a workshop at Old Car City, the Lindale Denim Factory, and SouthEastern RR museum (OCC includes a NIGHT Shoot & Lightpainting) 

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Old Car City (TWO daylight shoots & one NIGHT Shoot with Light painting), Lindale Mill (Denim Factory) and Southeastern RR Museum

Old Car City is amazing during the day -- but at night it has even more WOW -- Light Painting at Night at Old Car City!!

Tom and I have been to Old Car City a bunch of times so we will help direct you to make the most of your time there. Come and practice your Macro photography, learn about HDR Capture, and Creative in-camera Techniques.

-- Old Car City (daylight shoot)
-- Old Car City NIGHT Shoot with Light painting)

-- Old Car City (daylight shoot)

-- Lindale Mill (Denim Factory)
-- possible water mill shoot
-- possible car trails at an overpass

-- Southeastern RR Museum (ends at noon)

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Check out some of our images of cars at night here

You can view a few photographs from previous trips to Old Car City here:


Things to Bring:
-- Camera
-- Wide angle and close-up lense
-- Extra batteries
-- Tripod
-- Cable release (if you have a wired and a wireless cable release bring both as this is the piece of equipment most likely to fail and you want it for the 30 second to five-minute exposures; some newer cameras can use bulb without a cable release, but most cannot)
-- one red flashlight

Night and Light Painting Gear:

-- RED preserve your night vision while walking or changing your camera settings
-- Red flashlight
-- Red headlamp
-- Flashlight for light painting (try to get one that does not have a hotspot in the center
-- A flashlight with colors can be fun

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