Saturday, April 4, 2020

NECCC Spring 2020 Electronic Interclub Competition

The Spring 2020 NECCC projected image competitions were hosted by the Greater Lynn
Photographic Association. Rick Cloran served as the competition coordinator. The competition
was originally scheduled to be judged at GLPA on Monday March 30. As we all know all too well,
just about every plan anyone has had for March, April and likely beyond has been thrown out the
window as a result of the COVID-19 chaos.

After consulting with Bill Barnett and Cindy Gosselin, it was agreed that Bill would generate the
image files and related Excel scoresheets and Rick would ask the judges to download the file from
a shared Dropbox, score the images and return their completed sheet to Rick who would in turn
combine the scores on the master sheets and return those to Bill and Cindy.

Once last-minute hiccup came when one judge was uncomfortable in handling the files that way.
After Rick was unable to quickly locate an alternate, Bill agreed to allow Cindy to serve as a judge
since she had not been involved in processing the entries. With that settled, Rick sent the files and
score sheets out to Cindy Gosselin, Mike DiStefano, and Don Toothaker. These three very worthy
individuals did yeoman like work in getting all of the images judged and the sheets back to Rick in
time for Rick to have the completed master files back by the originally scheduled competition

We did have two images in Class B Nature that were scored low because they did not meet the
requirements of the PSA nature definition that governs the Nature competitions. One was of a
domestic animal. The other had a visible human structure in the background. Club Reps are
reminded to familiarize themselves with the restrictions in the PSA Nature Definition before
selecting entries for the Nature section of the NECCC interclub competitions.

Many thanks go out to Bill, Cindy, Mike and Don for their work and assistance in making it
possible to at least carry out this one small aspect of our “normal” lives in a time that is anything
but normal.

Rick Cloran

Bill and Cindy would also like to extend many, many thanks to Rick Cloran and the Greater Lynn
Photographic Association for hosting this “virtual” competition, the last of the 2019-20 season.
Forty one clubs participated in the Pictorial section (23 from Class A and 18 from Class B) and thirty nine clubs participated in the Nature section (17 from Class A and 22 from Class B).

The report and gallery images are on the NECCC website, interclub comp page: