Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Tips from the Olympus Educators

FREE - Tips from the Olympus Educators
When: June 10th 7PM

Come meet some Olympus Educator and let us share some photography tips with you. We are a group of Olympus Educators, an is an exclusive, invite-only program that offers consumer photography experiences in the form of workshops, seminars and educational forums that will enhance customer knowledge and skills. https://learnandsupport.getolympus.com/educators

This webinar is a chance for you to meet and get to know the Olympus Educators in the United States. Each photographer has their own specialties, style, and unique approach to photography. If you already shoot Olympus, have been thinking of switching to Olympus, or would like to learn more about how to use Olympus camera equipment to create stunning images, then this is your chance to meet all nineteen educators. We will be asking a series of questions and then we will take some questions from the audience as well.

Come learn who can help you on your photographic journey with the Olympus OM-D system!

We are using Olympus gear completely now. www.tinyurl.com/lisatomO

FYI, ANYONE can attend our workshops (mobile device, film camera, dSLR, mirrorless, etc.)

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