Saturday, May 1, 2021



The highest scoring clubs for the 2020-21 season of the NECCC Projected Image Interclub Competitions were announced in the Spring Interclub report, the third and last competition of the season. 

The high scoring clubs were:

  • Pictorial A Greater Lynn Photographic Association
  • Pictorial B North Haven Camera Club
  • Nature A Greater Lynn Photographic Association
  • Nature B Springfield Photographic Society

And now, the winning images in each of the four classes have also been chosen. The judge used for this daunting task was Gary Potts, of Indiana. Gary’s earned his APSA, GMPSA, SPSA and EFIAP/s  distinctions from both the Photographic Society of America and the Federation of International Art Photography. He is a Past-Executive Vice President of PSA, having joined in 1979. He judges many international exhibitions while continuing his own photographic pursuits. Currently, he serves on the PSA Nominating Committee and the Ethics Review Board. He is a PSA Portfolio Assessor. Here is Gary’s “Judge’s Statement” on how the winning images were selected:

Wining Images:

  • Pictorial A “Nailed It On 17th Attempt” by David Roth, Gateway Camera Club
  • Pictorial B “Choreographed Dance” by Lazlo Gyorsok, Housatonic Camera Club
  • Nature A “Prairie Falcon Strikes Prey” by Jon Rolf, Cape Cod Viewfinders
  • Nature B “Damsels Mating” by Sylvia Pyzocha, Springfield Photographic Society
"All judges start a results session by stating how difficult it was to select the winners. Believe me, since I was viewing your 'best of the best', it WAS difficult. I could have selected at least 2, sometimes 3, of these from every section as the 'best of' the section. In the end, my selections reflect what I consider high impact, story-telling images that have strong visual appeal and are processed impeccably. The nature images depict action or movement, which I feel advances them above any static image or those we have seen before. The two choices gave me a new perspective/subject matter. The pictorial image winners are novel and beautifully, color accuracy, well lit, and proper Levels and Curves.”

Daniel Charbonnet Memorial Photograph of the Year Award

In honor, and in memory, of Daniel Charbonnet, past President of NECCC, a memorial award for the Projected Interclub Photograph of the Year has been established. This award chooses the “best of the best” from the four winning Projected Image Interclub winners. Gary Potts was honored to select this first award winner as he knew Dan very well and considered him a good friend. Gary’s choice for this award was based on “it’s wonderful color palette, background texture, and artistic mingling” of the two subjects. The winning image is:

Daniel Charbonnet Memorial Photograph of the Year “Choreographed Dance” by Lazlo Gyorsok Housatonic Camera Club

Congratulations to the clubs & individual winners.